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How To Integrate Your SMS Service To Outlook for Effective Marketing?

Are you wondering how to use SMS for Outlook? You are not alone. Back in the years between 2007 and 2010, Microsoft introduced a way to send SMS directly from Outlook. Things worked out great for three years. But in 2013, Outlook ended its support as many people did not use it anymore.

However, in reality, many businesses depended on this feature. The convenience of being able to use a familiar system i.e. Outlook and have access to contact details (both email and SMS message) was unmatched. 

Microsoft also ignored the outcry of people on the internet posts their decision of ending support to Outlook in 2013. 

Why did people prefer using Outlook Mobile Service or OMS?

There were many reasons for people preferring OMS. It was already on Outlook, something people had already been using. Moreover, it allowed people to send and receive messages directly in their Outlook inboxes. All that it required was a functional internet connection to translate an email to an SMS message and then forward it to the said contact number. 

To avail of OMS, you needed to set up an SMS account in Outlook and your mobile service provider needed some information to complete the process. Once configured, you could have all the emails and SMS in one place. This also simplified things to a huge extent. Sending texts to single or multiple recipients was also very easy.

Can I still use the same technology for effective marketing?

The good news is, yes, you can. It does not matter whether you are using an older version of Outlook with the SMS feature. An upgrade can let you send SMS from Outlook. No need for new plugins or any third-party software. 

It is as simple as sending messages from Outlook 2013 inbox. Or, if you are using Office 365 or are a user of Outlook from your mobile, you can still use the feature. It is not mandatory to use a windows based device. 

Use this system to grow your marketing game and get better results. This channel of marketing has a lot of potential and leverage. This one-on-one connection that SMS builds with your customers is capable of arresting their attention. Tailored messages can be sent to individual customers. This will help you deliver the content they would actively engage with. 

While targeting is vital, you should also avoid pigeonholing. In other words, avoid categorizing your customers too strictly or you could be missing out on potential sales. 

At the same time, you do need to segment your customers according to location, purchase behavior, order status, etc. You can also use their previous shopping history and add elements to the text. Be mindful of the time zones as you determine the time to send the messages.  

A good mix of automated and personalized messages is the way to go about it.

If you were worried and confused about using SMS for Outlook, we hope that with the above-stated information, now you can make use of the feature for your marketing purposes. 

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