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How to Game Safely and Comfortably – 4 Tips All Gamers Should Know

From its humble, yet groundbreaking origins back on the 1970s, gaming has since evolved into the worldwide phenomenon that it is today. Think of gaming even just a few short decades ago and it’s easy to picture teens, holed up in their rooms trying to beat their friends and their high scores. 

However, more people than ever before are embracing the world of gaming, and whether you’re currently isolating at home, or you’ve recently retired from your job – can you collect state disability and social security at the same time? Click the link to find out more – there’s never been a better time to invest in a console or online platform and start playing. 

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But, what about gaming safely and comfortably?

Playing for hours at a time is surely going to take its toll on your health, right? Your health should always be a priority especially when you’re sitting for long periods and staring at a screen.

So, here you’ll find 4 tips that all gamers should follow to game comfortably and safely. 

Water and healthy and snacks

When you’re gaming it’s easy to reach for a fizzy drink, something sweet or salty. However, these kinds of foods can make you dehydrated and increase your fatigue levels, making you more susceptible to headaches and muscle strain. The best option is simple, if you’re gaming for a long length of time, stick to plenty of water and healthy snacks to keep you alert, hydrated and satisfied. It’s better for your waistline too.

Consider your posture

Many people these days suffer from bad posture, however, if you’re opting to game for several hours a day and find yourself slumped in front of your PC or TV, then you could increase your chances of all kinds of health issues. Spine and disc issues and heart problems are the most common ailments. Remember to sit up straight and not slouch. You could consider a gaming chair, but a normal chair is fine as long as you sit correctly in it.

Remember to take breaks

When gaming, it’s easy to say – just 5 more minutes – however, taking regular breaks is essential for your eye health and keeping your blood pumping. Try to take breaks every 45 minutes, stretch, walk around, and enjoy some time away from your game.

Listen to your body

Crick in your neck? Back aching? Fingers and thumbs sore and stiff? Listen to your body and act accordingly! 

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