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How To Find Hidden Apps On Android

by Geek Insider Staff

Android phones allow users to hide apps they deem private. This means that other people will rarely stumble upon the hidden apps unless they know the correct sequence of actions to find them. Here’s the series of actions. 

Find Hidden Apps on Android

  1. Locate the “Settings App.”

Pastedgraphic. Png

  1. Click “Apps.” 

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The prompt list shows all apps on the device, whether hidden or not. Hidden apps will appear here but not on the “Home Screen.”

Use App Drawer to Find Hidden Apps on Android.

The “App Drawer” gives you access to all the apps on your device.

  1. Tap on the icon with two rows of three dots at the bottom of the screen to access the “App Drawer.”
  2. Tap the three dots on the screen’s right side.
  3. Click “Home Screen Settings.”
  4. Select the “Hide Apps” menu.

Here, you should see all the hidden apps. If no app shows up on the screen, there’re probably no apps hidden in the device.

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