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How to Edit Videos Like a Pro

The most important part of the content creation process is video editing with a good video maker. This skill is not rocket science and could be mastered with practice. All one needs to know is what software works best and how to follow simple methods to edit like a pro.

Here are some simple yet effective tips for professional video editing:

Select the Right Software

Selecting the right software is the first step towards creating awesome videos. There are many editing software available online to choose from, such as Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve. They perform various tasks like adding special effects, transitions, formats, titles, and much more. By editing using these, you can transform your video clips into professional-looking videos.

Selecting the Right Hardware

Just as software, it is vital to select the right kind of hardware as video editing is a demanding process. Ideal editing hardware must have a multicore processor, enough of RAM and a fast solid-state drive. It does not matter that you work on a laptop or desktop, but the hardware source must be a powerful, one that can support all your editing requirements.

The right mix of hardware for a professional video editing comprises large memory (RAM), high-quality video cards, and a high-speed processor.

Choosing the Right Sound

A video can never be compelling without effective sound input. You must evaluate several sounds before selecting one. You might choose any sound piece from your audio library or any other source. Just be aware of copyright issues, or you might run into legal issues. The best option is to choose from a royalty-free service.

Be a Storyteller

Your aim should be to tell a compelling story through your video. For this you will have to edit  unnecessary clips and correct their order, make your video’s aesthetics look pleasing, evoke the right emotions through your video and make your messaging as effective as you can, this flow for your story can be achieved by making and editing your videos using online video editing tool like InVideo.

A good editor can weave all the pieces of a video into an appealing story for his viewers. 

Transitions are Important

If you are not a pro at video editing, then try using transitions, as it is a fun way to make videos look appealing. Use simple and clean transitions, or you might lose your viewer’s attention.

Try Adding Captions

Adding captions is not optional but crucial for your video’s success. By adding captions, you can make your video more accessible to the audience. Additionally, it will also help you with search engine optimization.

Formatting the Video

Formatting your video is the next important step. There is a wide array of video file formats available for video formatting. Video editors use MP4 more oftenly, as it is acceptable on most of the video uploading services. But if you are working with Adobe Premiere Pro, you might have to export using H.264 in high-quality 4k 2160p. This will allow you to play your video in 4K and also help you future-proof your content.

Use Editing Keyboards

An editing keyboard is just like any other keyboard with keyboards shortcut icons printed on them. This makes it easier for the video editor to finish their work flawlessly in less time.

But, if you want to go economical, instead of buying an entirely new keyboard, opt for a keyboard cover with icons printed on it. 

Organize all Your Video Footages in Folders

If video editors spend time on labeling and organizing their content, then they can save much time for editing their video footage. Try using different files for footages, project files, graphics, audio and images. You can also use tools like Post Haste for creating file structures for ease of use.

Use a Gaming Mouse

Nowadays, video editors are making extensive use of gaming mouse with embedded programmable buttons, which can be used for performing basic video editing tasks including options like saving or undoing. You do not have to use a keyboard. This might not save you much time, but whatever little time you can save, you can utilize for other more important jobs. 

Choosing the Right Color Scheme is Important

By using the right color correction process, you can get your video footage to the right color baseline. Before you post your video, you must perform basic processing for color correction to bring consistency.

You can use the color grading process for giving a stylish edge to your footage. While there are numerous ways of using this process, you can always customize it according to your requirements.

Adding Graphics to Videos

Now that you have edited your video in the best possible manner adding color grading and music of your choice, what’s next? Posting it on social media? No. You need to add some graphics to make it class apart.

While it is not difficult to spot a great motion graphic work, good graphics are indeed difficult to create on your own. Just keep it simple. Use some After Effects templates in your video if you are new to graphics. It allows you to add good  VFX and motion graphics to your video content without much hassle. 

Make Engaging Intros and Outros

Would you like to create amazing professional videos without much hassle, just like the big YouTube channels? Try using an intro and outro making software like this one here. Now it has become simple to create high-quality videos with the brand logo. You do not need any prior knowledge and experience of professional software or apps.

These intro and outro makers provide a quick way to make such videos without involving much time and effort. There are several online intro makers that could be downloaded for free such as PixelFlow, Intro maker, etc.

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