How to date when there are so many fake dating apps on geek insider

How to Date Today When There Are So Many ‘Fake’ Apps

Most dating apps are too good to be true. They bring a lot of confusion because what they do best is misleading thousands who are looking for genuine partners. But this does not mean that there are no reliable dating apps that lead people to their perfect match. If you have decided that you want to meet your partner through a dating app, you must know how to deal with the ‘fake’ apps out there.

Reading a lot will help you to discover the ugly truth about these apps and even give you tips on how to navigate through them. Let us dive into an elaborate guide on how to go about this.

Understand What You Want

The first tip to being successful with dating apps is to know what you want. Some people are looking for a partner to marry while others are looking for casual and no strings attached relationships. Luckily, you can find an app that is suitable for any of these needs including LGBT relationships that many people are shy to discuss. When you know what you want, it is easy to get it.

How to date when there are so many fake dating apps on geek insider

Look for Red Flags

People distinguish ‘fake dating apps’ from legit ones by looking at red flags. Knowing them makes it possible for people to succeed in dating without going through any challenges. Here are popular red flags to look for:

·        People are complaining about the app – One of the greatest red flags to keep off a dating website is when people are complaining about it all over. Check social media platforms and other forums to look for this. According to experts from Happymatches, people who are looking for online dating advice should not ignore this.

·        The app has failed you before – There is no reason to go back to a website that has failed you before. The first failure is a big warning sign that this dating site might be fake. After all, why would you want to go back to it when there are many other dating sites to try? This time, take enough time to conduct good research and understand the platforms that are reliable.

·        Suspicious profiles – People’s profiles on a dating website could be suspicious in many ways, but it all boils down to lack of user protection by the website’s administration. Bad signs include shallow information, which means that there were no guidelines when making it.

·        There is no profile picture – Lack of profile picture in numerous profiles is a bad sign. Legit websites will not approve your profile is there is no photo to show who you are. Many ask for a couple of pictures that help people to learn who you are. Keep off of websites that allow people to create profiles without photos.

How to date when there are so many fake dating apps on geek insider


Trying to date through a ‘fake’ app is not only frustrating but it is also a risk to your life. Some malicious people take advantage of people who are desperate for love and toy with their feelings. You can avoid this by keeping off of such apps. Only date through legitimate and trusted platforms.

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