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How to Create Great Cocktails at Home: 3 Simple Things You’ll Need

Whether you want to start tending a bar professionally or you decide that you can get more people into your home if you announce you have an ‘open bar’, you need to have a few things with you to great some amazing cocktails!

Even though some people see liquor as a very expensive item that they need to fully invest in, you can actually stock your home bar with cocktails to get started faster.

Here are some of the things you need to start making cocktails right in your own home for less money than you might think!

What Are Well Cocktails?

While this article isn’t a good cocktail guide, you do need to know what you are preparing to make! Well cocktails are mixed drinks that are made with the cheapest and most common liquors that bartenders have on hand, so named because the “well” is an easy-access location where bartenders can reach in and grab inexpensive drinks to mix up common cocktails.

Not only are cocktails very easy to make, but they are also fast. Even beginner bartenders, once they get some practice under their belt, can make simple cocktails quickly. In the business world, the more drinks you churn out faster, the more money you can make.

Things You Need To Make Well Cocktails At Home

The actual ingredients that you need to make cocktails well will depend on the type of drinks you want to make, but there are some categories of ingredients and some materials you will need to keep on hand.

3. Limes, Lemons, and Other Citrus Fruits

No matter what cocktail you make, you will often find that the end of the recipe calls for a lime, lemon, or orange slice to garnish the drink. These garnishes add color and flavor to your cocktail, and without a proper garnish most cocktails just… aren’t cocktails. So it’s always important for you to have some fruits readily available, and if you can pre-slice them, do it.

2. Mixing Glasses and Cocktail Shakers

Shaken or Stirred? That’s going to be the question that is going to be asked most of you when you are a bartender, and you need to be prepared for both options. Mixing glasses can be used to stir the applicable drinks, and they also come with a pour spout which can give you an advantage over mixing in any old glass. 

Additionally, for shaken cocktails, you will need to use the aptly named cocktail shaker which allows you to make mess free shaken cocktails. Additionally, the pouring will once again be made easier, especially if you want to make daiquiris or margaritas! 

3. Ice

Nearly every single cocktail is going to use ice in some way, shape, or form. You can either use ice machines in your fridge, or can load up ice cube trays to get the cubes that you will need for your cocktails.

Whether you need cubes or crushed ice for your drink, make sure to have frozen water on hand and also make sure that you can keep creating more and more ice as well. You don’t want to run out!

It Doesn’t Take Much To Create Amazing Cocktails

As you can see, even if you just stick with the basic tools and must-haves to build perfect cocktails, it doesn’t take too much to create the cocktails that you want to make. Then you just need to pick your favorite drinks and gather the ingredients to make them. With a little practice, your home bar will be open for business! 

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