How to Create a Shared Bitcoin Wallet on Android

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The Wallet is a non-custodial wallet program packed with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC). A shared wallet, also referred to as a multi-signature (or multiple wallets), is accessible by two or more individuals and allows at least one of these ‘cosigners’ to grant BCH a shared wallet spending authorization. Here we have discussed all about bitcoin circuit software.

Why Use A Shared Wallet?

  • Security: A single user using a shared wallet with multiple devices will make transaction security more secure. Even if you robbed your mobile, the thief would not be able to use the shared bag with the additional collectors without the approval of the (i.e., one of your other devices).
  • Accounting: Both co-owners have access to the history of a single wallet transaction in a shared wallet.
  • Escrow or Mediation from Third Parties: to make a bet or to buy something online.
  • Voting on the usage of funds: An agency can only submit a payment when the appropriate authorization level is reached.

Consider this common case to understand how shared wallets work: Jasmine wishes to set up her company’s popular wallet for payroll purposes. She needs three executives to access the same wallet for herself. Every month, this wallet sends employee payments. She’s creating a new popular wallet and names it “Wallet Payroll.” It then adds its name and sets the copyright total to 4. (Herself and the three managers). Finally, it sets the number of signatories needed to be 3. This allows a request to pay for the four cosigners, but only if 3 out of the four cosigners give their consent within the application will the payment be completed.

Wallet for Bitcoin

This Bitcoin Wallet provides a non-custodial application to receive cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC). One of the most valuable aspects of the app is that something called a ‘shared wallet’ has been affirmed. A shared wallet also called a multi-signed (or even multi-pocket) pocket, is accessible to two or more persons and needs at least one of these ‘cosigners’ to allow BCH to spend on a common wallet.

Creating a Shared Wallet

  • Download the Android software from
  • Tap the “+” menu on the home page to create a new wallet in the Bitcoin cash wallet menu.
  • Choose “Create Shared Wallet” from the “Add Wallet” menu.
  • Set the ‘name of wallet,’ ‘name of the wallet,’ ‘total copy number’ and ‘number of signatures needed’ for sending BCH to the wallet. Note: the number of persons or devices accessing this wallet is a ‘complete number of copayers.’ How many of these people or devices manually approve a transaction before they can be submitted is the ‘required number of signers.’
  • Create a wallet and share the code with the others you want to enter the wallet. 

Bitcoin Wallet

This way, you ensure your wallet and your bitcoin will still be available. Most wallets show a 12 or 24-word series generated randomly. This is called a seed sentence or recovery seed, and it works for the wallet as a backup. Write down this seed and save it in a safe spot, with pen and paper. Do not store it digitally or online because it is susceptible to hacking. You can use the backup to gain access to your coins if you ever lose your wallet login credentials.


You secure your cryptocurrency wallet just like you keep your physical wallet healthy. Hackers could steal your coins if their wallet isn’t safe enough. Fortunately, several ways to protect your wallet are available. 

Never Save Passwords on your Phone

Login name, password, seed recovery. Keep it secure. Don’t take your phone for a picture. There is a continuous Internet link to a mobile computer. This facilitates the use of your wallet by hackers.

Choose Two Authentication Factor (2-FA)

This may sound not easy, but 2-FA only means you are logging in with multiple devices. Why does that work? You cannot use the password with 2-FA hackers. A code is also required to access your wallet. You can use SMS or an application like Google Authenticator to submit this code to us. For full security, we suggest both choices.


When you activate 2-FA via SMS, you receive an SMS containing a unique code every time you log in. You must enter your phone number in the security settings of your wallet if 2-FA is to be activated via SMS. This means that to reach your wallet, you need both your phone and password.

Authenticator for Google

App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store can be found in the Google Authentication App (Android). In the security settings, you will find the keys. Please ensure the QR code is backed up by printing it if your phone is losing. Once you have linked the app to your wallet, every 30 seconds, you generate a new six-digit code. You must enter the code to access your wallet.

Points To Be Taken Into Account:

Multisig wallets are like regular wallets, with no difference – each cosigner has a single private key inside a shared wallet that gives them (partly) access to the wallet. All cosigners must create their mutual wallet(s) backup! Warning: If you build a wallet that requires three-in-a-three co-consignors, if a co-consignor fails (and does not have a backup) or declines to sign a transaction, all participants would have inaccessible money in the wallet! Therefore, the development of joint wallets requiring the signatures of all participants is not suggested. You can see that for a variety of reasons, multi-signature wallets are helpful. Download the Wallet app today to build your shared wallet

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