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How to compare two betting bonuses so you can choose the better one?

One of the things that you have to be ready for if you decide to bet online is the different promotions. Even if you are someone who doesn’t want to use any betting bonuses, you will probably try at least a few of them. It seems like most iGaming companies only count on their bonus sections to bring over new users. As a result, some places may have more than 20 active proposals.

Although there are some exceptions, usually, you won’t be able to use every bonus. Hence, you have to know what to look for when browsing a given brand’s promo section so that you can choose the best betting proposal. Let’s take a look at a few specific rules you should abide by when comparing two offers.

First, you need to check the minimum deposit requirement

The first thing you have to do when comparing two betting promotions is to check their minimum deposit requirements. While it is true that you may come across offers that won’t require you to make transactions, most proposals require you to spend money. So, don’t be surprised if you check the 1xbit bonuses (EB) and see they are not free. As you can probably guess, even one of the world’s biggest gambling operators does not have no deposit promotions.

Although there are some exceptions, usually, it is recommended to choose the offer with the lower requirement. Don’t forget that most of the deposit bonuses are percentage-based, so the more money you add into your account, the higher the bonus.

If it is possible, pick the reward with the lower wagering requirements

After you’ve checked how much money you have to deposit to get the specific reward, it is time to learn more about the rollover requirement. This condition is more important to some people because it shows them how many times they need to use their offer. Some offers may require you to use them more than 50 times, whereas others have to be wagered only five or six times. However, they might have additional conditions, such as requiring you to wager on a specific sport or play certain slots. In other words, choosing the offer with the lower minimum requirements is not always a good idea.

Try to see if both promotions are mobile-compatible

Unless you use your computer every day, you will probably want to bet online using your smartphone and tablet. There are millions of mobile bettors who download and install apps for their Android and iOS devices every day, which means that they also want to use bonuses while wagering. That’s one of the reasons why the 1xbit bonuses from Efirbet are mobile-friendly. In other words, you can use them even if you decide to test the operator’s mobile website.

Sadly, not every offer is optimized to run on a handheld device. That’s why you should read their conditions before deciding which reward to choose.

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