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How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong iOS Developer

These days, it seems like everyone has an app for something. Despite this, there are always opportunities to develop something new or better. The internet has reached a mature period of evolution, rather than revolution. This presents an opportunity for companies and start-ups alike to develop the next Uber, Airbnb, or Pokemon Go and get a share of the estimated $6.3 trillion app market.

But there’s a problem. Enlisting the help of a good iOS developer can make or break a mobile app project. A quick google search for “ios developer” yields 2,430,000,000 results. So, what can you do to avoid choosing the wrong one? Here are three ideas:

1. Focus on your customers’ needs and wants first

Going straight to discussing an app with a developer without doing the necessary thinking, customer research, and other due diligence is a recipe for disaster. There are reported to be 3.6 million apps and nearly 1 million games in the Apple App Store. A tiny percentage of those become breakout stars, generating income for their developers or supporting the wider aims of the business. Minimise the chances of your app being one of the forgotten ones by prioritising your customers above all else.

2. Do your due diligence on the developer

IOS developers vary in experience and skills. While many of them will share minimum qualifications, such as the ability to program in Objective-C or Swift, others may have formal training and qualifications in computer programming, marketing, and other disciplines. These may have helpful cross-overs which can help your project succeed. Some developers specialise in particular fields, such as games, or have knowledge and experience with regulated fields such as financial services. Regardless of experience, app developers should be aware of Apple’s developer documentation and be comfortable working with the latest inclusivity standards to make sure your app is compliant and useful to a wide audience.

Researching your developer’s background, their skillset, and previous work will help you find out if they are the right fit.

3. Crunch the numbers before committing

Considering your overall budget for an app project helps you decide if it is worth doing. There are various elements to consider.

For example, app developers are no different to other professionals. They have varying skills, experience, and overheads. Some work alone; others do their best work in agencies. Agencies offer additional services which might help, such as client services, but they come at a cost.

A crucial factor in your budget will be the App Store’s fees. Apple’s fees vary depending on the size of the business, with those earning up to $1 million in paid apps or in-app purchases qualifying for the small business program rate of 15%.

And then, depending on your plans, you will need to think about the costs of marketing your app.

Final Thoughts

Getting an app launched is an exciting experience. But it’s not without its pitfalls. Following these recommendations will save you hassle, time, and money.

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