How Technology Is Lowering Insurance Costs

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We have embraced innovation and technology to create tons of gadgets to save time and effort. But other benefits of this evolution include how technology can enhance our safety and save money, especially when it comes to driving. 

We’ll highlight some of the most recent forms of technology designed to protect you while on the road. And we’ll highlight how using certain devices can save you on your insurance rates, including savings for pay-as-you-drive insurance

In fact, it feels like tech is evolving at super speeds, and it can get overwhelming at times. It may seem like we should be more cautious. But, fortunately, there is a lot of safety tech being developed, especially for cars.

Lane Keep and Lane Departure Warning

Some very important technologies that also help you keep coverage in your back pocket are lane keep and lane departure warnings. 

Lane keep and lane departure warning are very similar and work in tandem with each other. Lane keep helps steer your vehicle to stay within the lines of the lane. Lane departure warning causes a slight vibration to notify you have departed your lane. Together they help reduce many accidents and are helpful intuitive warning systems.

Collision Warning and Blind-Spot Detection

Some say that technology makes everything move faster, but sometimes speed is dangerous. Collision warning and blind-spot detection are perhaps some of the most important safety features for your car.

Insurance policies will offer discounts for these features. These technologies help avoid accidents altogether, especially for truck drivers, and can have a positive impact on your premiums.

These features are composed of a system of sensors and radars that detect where other cars are and notify the driver when someone is too close. In some cases, they can also be synced to automatically activate the brakes. This vastly reduces the likelihood of a crash. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, how technology is lowering insurance costs, explainers

Adaptive cruise control is another convenient, smart, and safe technology for your car. It uses sensors to detect when traffic has shifted to a slower pace or you pass another vehicle. Then it will activate the gas or brake, depending on your surroundings. 

It is great for long stretches of driving where you want to be able to drive smoothly without exerting too much effort. So it is both convenient and safe. Some people tend to zone out while driving, and this technology makes sure that doesn’t happen. 

Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance and Safety

Pay-as-you-drive insurance is a more technologically advanced insurance in that it constantly monitors your car, measuring certain criteria. These criteria include how hard you brake, how fast you accelerate, and how sharp turns are. It can be especially useful if you need insurance for a car you rarely drive.

So if you have lane keep assisting that makes sure you stay within the lane even when turning, you may make turns that are less sharp. If you have adaptive cruise control, it may help ease your speeds so you don’t accelerate too much. So the safety tech really can help your metrics and help you save money on insurance

Technology today is getting very sophisticated. You’ll find virtual reality being integrated into regular computers. You’ll also find tech being used to make society function at super-speeds. And in the insurance field, technology is helping you find the best savings as a consumer.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, how technology is lowering insurance costs, explainersDorothea Hudson writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, She is passionate about technology, as well as safe usage of technology, and enjoys educating her readers on this topic.

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