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How secure are online betting apps?

The vast majority of punters who choose online bookmakers or casino sites for gambling prefer to bet straight in the browser. This is the most convenient and the fastest way of placing a bet both pregame and in real-time. It is also the standard solution provided by most sportsbooks, therefore the one used the most frequent. The alternative is provided by dedicated betting apps, which act as portals into the exciting world of sports betting. Most of the big bookies have invested in such applications and encourage punters to download and install one. The question is how secure are betting apps and should you trust them with real money?

Trust the license and regulator

You don’t have to be a software security specialist to enjoy safe online gambling through a dedicated betting app. This is quite fortunate given the fact that a significant percentage of those who bet on sports don’t have any technical background. Instead of worrying excessively about the mechanics behind the software powering these applications, you could look at the licensing body. Reputable bookmakers who run a safe business are licensed by regulatory bodies that hold them to the highest security standards.

Some of the newest bookmakers and casino sites might still be in the process of acquiring the license. This doesn’t necessarily make them unworthy of trust, but it is still an unnecessary risk so you should always use online casino comparison websites like before signing up online. It is simply better to wait for them to get licensed by a regulator that enjoy a solid reputation internationally. The bottom line is that if you want to mitigate the risks of fraud, only sign up for an account with a licensed bookmaker. This will reflect well on all its software, including the betting apps so you hit two birds with one stone.

Mobile betting apps can be trusted

There are two categories of sports betting apps that are worth analyzing when seeking the thrills of online gambling. Some of them are supposed to be downloaded and installed on desktop computers and laptops. These represent a small minority, as punters using these devices would rather gamble straight in the browser. Mobile casino and betting apps are a different breed and they are the ones that are far more popular. That’s because punters are already used to the idea of downloading and installing applications on their gadgets.

Mobile betting apps are more intuitive, require minimal resources and run well even on older devices. Most of them are developed in-house by the websites, while others involved third parties. The latter are not necessarily less trustworthy, as long as they are branded by a prestigious developer. Useful data regarding software providers can be found in the app description. Punters who are curious and seek further knowledge can also require additional information from the bookmaker of choice.

Some of the biggest threats to online security don’t necessarily come from the software and mobile betting apps in particular. Cyber criminals take advantage of weak passwords, inadequate account protection and other mistakes committed by the user. Addressing these is just as important as finding a trustworthy bookmaker powered by reliable software.

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