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How One Man Excels at Writing Digital Marketing Algorithms

by Kevin Bellah

A lot of you have more than a passing interest in the benefits of algorithms and these days the right ones can make a HUGE difference in both business and consumer life. Donovan J. Greening, the man behind Greening Corporation, is all about helping law firms with robust digital marketing solutions and he excels at writing digital marketing algorithms.

Due to the pandemic, many Gen-Z entrepreneurs and professionals have emerged that aim to turn people and businesses into success stories and Donovan is one of their biggest proponents. What makes him stand out in such a crowded niche? His ability to write complex digital marketing algorithms.

While helping to guide many major strategic decisions of the future, his marketing algorithms have been taking over various industries’ most pressing tasks at scale. When asked what a basic algorithm is, Donovan Greening explained that it’s “a sequence of steps or rules that are designed for producing a specific outcome from a set of inputs.” 

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With his experience and skillset, Donovan took a deep dive into creating and writing complex algorithms for digital marketing. His approach resulted in him shining brighter than others in the industry.

Donovan explains how algorithms improve digital marketing:

“Since the advent of the digital advertising space, machines have collected large amounts of data and their many likes and clicks became the de facto supply of inventory for sale, tempting marketers to track due to their familiarity and availability. However, today, adding data to customer data platforms isn’t enough, as it has to be the right data like identity, product interactions, etc. This leads to informed marketing decisions and determining which features get prioritized in the product roadmap. By collaborating on the captured data, these marketers get a new level of customer insights, helping them use the data proactively.” 

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, how one man excels at writing digital marketing algorithms, business

Explaining further, the ace marketer and entrepreneur says that marketers will require higher quality data services and integrations from their media partners for mutually justifying their advertising dollars, and they also need to grow their data analytics and science teams for measuring and synthesizing the return on questions about the cost for acquiring and retaining customers. 

Under Donovan’s leadership, Greening Corporation has been thriving on the latest digital marketing solutions for law firms with services. This includes but is not limited to, search engine optimization, content marketing, GEO & IP address retargeting, database creation & management, social media marketing, web design, app development, press releases, graphic design, and so much more. All of this coupled with its unique digital legal marketing services has led to Greening Corporation becoming a full-proof, trusted, and complete solution for law firms.

Visit the website, https://www.greeningcorp.com/, to know more. 

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