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How Free-to-Play Games Became Money-Spending Machines

Whether we are playing games on the web or using our smartphones, the most attractive games are free ones. The pay to play policy doesn’t seem to be the winning solution, but the inscription ‘free’ makes us install the game quickly and without a lot of thinking. Many of these free games are entertaining, and if you download them from a reliable source, almost nothing can stop you from enjoying yourself.

Since all this appears too good to be true, we had to ask ourselves are these ‘free’ games really free?

We can give you the answer right now – it depends on you.

How Curiosity Killed the Cat

You’ve undoubtedly learned that almost nothing in this world is for free and the situation with free games is similar. The process of downloading and installing the game is free, but costs appear at the worst moment – after you become addicted. These costs aren’t required, but people are paying anyway.

Although you downloaded and installed a free game, you’ll probably end up spending more than you thought you would on some mini-game.

Since no one can force you to pay, you can just uninstall the game and continue with your life, but that rarely happens. These games are often designed so that you have to spend small amounts of money to get some special features, to advance in the game or even to continue playing.

Although good things come to those who wait, these games are truly addictive, and that’s why people are wasting their money to play more and to pass on to the next level as soon as possible.

The most common scenario is paying for coins. Since these games are usually endless, there is no goal except collecting coins. Therefore, developers ordinarily design these kinds of ‘free’ games so that you need coins to unlock the next chapter, and people are paying small amounts and entering that endless money-sucking loop.

What’s the Solution?

Never store your credit card information across online game platforms. Apart from being incredibly unsafe, the fact that you don’t have to enter all the information over and over again means that you’ll spend more without even noticing.

Consider Playing Games and Earning Instead of Wasting Your Money

If you wondered how to entertain yourself and earn some money instead of spending it, we found an awesome solution.

Unlike these addictive modern games that just take your money, certain online casinos provide you with the opportunity to invest a small amount of money, try out your luck, and even earn something back! This kind of entertainment is considered to be the best online casino experience.

Instead of continuously investing small amounts of money in endless games without a goal, you should give it a shot and a get a chance to actually earn something. If you win, you’ll be happy, but if you lose, you’ll be wiser for the experience!

Explore and Try Different Types of Games

Online casinos aren’t much different than physical casinos, but the most notable advantage of online gambling is that you never have to leave your comfort zone. Besides sports betting or lotteries, many online casinos offer well-known games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and even slot games available on Prime Slots.

The crucial thing for having fun while gambling online is finding a reliable online casino. You’ll probably face a few fake online casinos, but to avoid scams, go with an established brand.

Moreover, we provided you with some extra tips, suitable both to beginners and pros. If you are a slots lover, find out more here and have fun!

The Bottom Line

If you found online gambling more exciting than endlessly increasing levels, unlocking new chapters, collecting useless coins, and even paying for all of that, then it looks like it’s time to uninstalling your old game. If you uninstall your ‘free’ game, there will be a lot of benefits for you. At first, you’ll empty your storage, you’ll overcome addiction, and most importantly – you’ll save a lot of money.

‘Free’ games will suck all your savings, and you won’t even notice. Frequently paying will become a daily routine for you, and after a while, you’ll ask yourself what happened to your money, and what happened to you.

Although harmless and colorful, free-to-play games will really become your personal money-spending machines if you don’t quit. Recommendation? Avoid endless ‘free’ games!

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