How Free Poker Apps Have Grown in Popularity

Online casino popularity

Poker has always been a smart way of online gambling. So, it’s no surprise that lockdown hasn’t suppressed peoples urge to wager their chips on the table. Before lockdown, the online poker player base saw about 40 million people, which is around 6.8 percent of the whole adult population), and these were regular players. As a result of lockdown, these players can no longer enjoy their time at card clubs, casinos or friends’ houses, so their next option is to resort to online poker clubs. 

The stats are certainly there to back the claims in the rise in popularity, as online Poker has seen a total height of 43 percent. In addition to this, there’s been a massive surge to the total of new players throughout the online poker world. Two hundred fifty-five percent to be exact. 

Of course, the online giants will cater to this substantial new player base, by offering some enticing offers for signups and by designing special competitions. Global Poker is one of the first to the ring, and as they’re the leading online poker space, people won’t hesitate to use their services. They’ve also created a particular game, that’s specifically designed to target its newer audience. The game is titled “The Global Poker home series”, and it’s being dubbed as the worlds largest home game, which was launched March 30. 

If you’re new to the Poker World, then we strongly recommend you do some research before wagering real money online. There’re a lot of guides throughout the internet, but we highly recommend this poker app guide.

Global Poker Home Series 

As Covid-19 has forced the majority of the population to stay inside and self-isolate and to remote work, boredom has soon settled. Global Poker has decided to release a fun game that allows people across the U.S. to take reap the benefits of generous bonuses and offers. This extremely fast-growing card room will be hosting more than SC2 million in guarantees for the very first Global Poker Series! This is the perfect time to get involved in the ever-growing world of Poker, even if you’re a complete newbie. 

The series itself has 28 home series sweep coins events, as well as an additional 28 sweep series with gold coin events. As mentioned above, the event started March 30, and the Sunday Scrimmage starts at SC100,000, with a balloon to a considerable SC500,000 in the finals. But that’s not all…Global Poker continues to throw in incentives and enticing offers with its usual pop-up freerolls and ticket drops. 

Global Poker is now giving away SC1,000 every week to new players, within a special Saturday freeroll, hosted at 15:00 EDT. To qualify for this, all you need to do is place your first purchase between 00:00 EDT on Thursdays and 23:59 EDT on Wednesdays. Your token will then be generated and credited on Friday. This can then be found under the ‘My Items’ section of your player account profile. 

It didn’t come as a surprise that the world of Poker has shifted its focus to the online game. However, it’s still unknown as to whether the players will remain to play online or return to the norm when the lockdown is lifted completely. 

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