How Do You Install A Wall-mounted Fountain?

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Both wall-mounted and freestanding fountains add to the room’s moisture content, making it more humid. When one is congested due to a cold or illness, this is a beautiful thing to have. Also, increased humidification improves the health and vibrancy of your indoor plants. Any area would benefit from the addition of a wall fountain. You can add the peaceful sound of water running or trickling down a waterfall for a relaxing atmosphere. Typically, a wall fountain is placed in an entryway, but you can also put it in any room of the house where people gather.

However, there isn’t always enough floor or ground space for a fountain, so a great alternative is wall waterfall fountains. Wall-mounted fountains provide all of the benefits of a freestanding or tabletop fountain without taking up any floor or table space. Once you receive your fountain, you might be wondering how to install it. So, I’ve provided instructions below. 

Carefully follow instructions on the manual.

The majority of wall fountains need the complete setup of separate parts. The base will need to be attached to the top piece and the pump and tubing. To guarantee that you put it together correctly, read the directions carefully. Each model, on the other hand, is unique.

Decide where the fountain will be located.

Recruit a friend to assist you in holding the wall fountain in place while you record its location. Before making any marks, use a level to ensure that it is straight. Make a mark on both the top and bottom of the wall fountain.

Choose a hanging method.

You can hang the wall fountain in two different ways. Also, you can insert screws into slots in the rear of the cabinet. Another possibility is to use a mounting bracket that is first fastened to the wall. Especially for more enormous wall fountains, this is the preferable option.

Drill anchor holes for durability.

Measure the mounting brackets’ locations and move them to the wall where you will install the fountain. For the drywall anchors, drill pilot holes. Tap the anchors into the wall lightly with a hammer.

Attach the Mounting Bracket to the wall with screws.

Using your cordless drill or a screwdriver, screw the bracket into the wall, ensuring its level.

Secure the Wall Fountain to the Bracket.

Secure the wall fountain to the mounting bracket by lifting it onto the wall. Ensure the fit is snug and that it isn’t sagging in any direction.

Fill with water after plugging it in. 

After the wall fountain has been installed, you may begin filling it with water. Make sure there’s enough to cover the water pump. Connect the water pump and let the water circulate. Slowly add more water until the top edge of the bottom water basin is within an inch of the top edge. If you fill it, it will overflow if the pump fails.

An expanding number of homeowners and business owners are seeking ways to improve their surroundings’ tranquility. Some people prefer plants, while others prefer fish tanks, while others choose art. On the other hand, indoor wall-mounted fountains are excellent alternatives to create a relaxing atmosphere while also increasing the room’s decorum. A wall water fountain is definitely worthwhile. So I suggest you go ahead and grab one for your home!

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