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How Do I Watch 360 Degree Video?

by Kevin Bellah

The technological advancements that have occurred in recent years are amazing. You will find a lot of different things that you can do with videos that couldn’t be done before. One of those things is immersing yourself in 360-degree videos. If you are looking to get into 360 videos, you will need to know how to watch them. There are a few different ways you can watch 360-degree videos. Here are a few of them. You can also check Unwrapped Media for more 360-videos tips and suggestions. 

Ways to Watch 360-Degree Videos: 

1. Natively in Windows 10

One of the ways you can view these videos is natively in Windows 10. Believe it or not, but Windows 10 introduced a way to watch 360 videos within their Movies and TV app. By doing this, you can go to the 360-degree video section and begin watching at your leisure. You simply need to go to the video that you want to watch and start viewing it. To take advantage of the 360-degree viewing angle, you will need to use your mouse to turn your viewing angle around. This way, you can drag your mouse to look to your side and even behind yourself. 

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2. Virtual Reality

One of the top ways to view these videos is with a virtual reality headset. If you get a virtual reality headset, you can view these videos directly from it. This is the most optimal way to view these videos because you can use your head to turn around. That way, you have an even more immersive experience. After all, you won’t be dragging a mouse. Rather, you will be turning your head like you would in the real world. This can enable you to see behind you by turning around quickly. With VR, you have a multitude of options from Oculus to PlayStation VR and even the Vive. You also have Windows Mixed Reality headsets that you could opt for if you are so inclined.

3. Phone VR

There are numerous different types of phone VR hardware and applications that you can use. This would be good for those looking to watch these videos casually. There is a mix of options that work with different phones. You just need to make sure that your phone is capable of fitting in the phone VR hardware and if it has an application that you can use along with it. 

4. VLC

Another good application that you will be able to use if you are looking to watch 360-degree videos would be VLC. VLC is an open-sourced application that you can use for free. This is great software because it is available on nearly every platform you can think of. You will even find it on consoles like the Xbox store. You can find it on mobile devices in Google Play and iOS. This makes it one of the most versatile and accessible software to watch 360-degree videos. This should be your go-to option if you are looking to view these kinds of videos on a different platform outside of Windows. Even if you are using it on Windows it will likely provide a better experience than the built-in option Windows offers. 

Top Reasons Why You Should Care About 360-Degree Videos 

If you are wondering why you should be using 360-degree videos, there are plenty of reasons. 

1. Immersive Experience

One of the main reasons you should be looking to view these videos is due to the level of immersion you can get from it. You won’t be able to get the same kind of immersive experience from other videos as you would with videos shot in 360-degrees. After all, you can view everything that is going on around you. You won’t just be looking at what’s going on in front of you but also to your side and behind you. 

2. Great for Tours

They make for some of the best videos for giving tours. This makes them highly practical for real estate professionals. After all, who wants to buy a house after viewing pictures over the Internet? By giving tours with 360-degree viewing angles, you will have a much better idea of what it feels like to step into the house or apartment. This makes it the ideal option for those who are looking to feel like they are inside of a place rather than look at still pictures or even normal videos of it.

As you can see, 360-degree videos have become a thing and there are many ways to watch them. If you are worried that you don’t have a virtual reality headset to watch the videos, you don’t need to. You can watch these videos using a variety of devices and applications which makes them more accessible than ever before. You can enjoy the great immersive experiences they offer without any limitations at all.

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