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Heavy Civil Construction:  Don’t Become Another Bankruptcy Statistic Just Because of One Bad Bid

Every single day, construction companies across North America go broke because an estimator in their company did not understand what they were bidding.  That one bad bid turned into overwhelming job losses and the unfortunate entrepreneur had to say goodbye to a company they spent decades building.

The sad part of this all-too-common tale is that that these bidding errors are often avoidable. If only the estimator understood their job better. But alas it’s not surprising, errors are bound happen when an estimator is looking at a 2ft x 3ft drawing and trying to imagine exactly how that correlates to the 60+ acres of land sitting right in front of them.

Vizzn has a patent pending and very unique solution that solves this challenge; this solution is aptly named Interactive Drawings for Estimating.  With this solution, Vizzn has found a way for the estimator to actually walk the drawings as if they were life size!  What this means is, when drawings are overlayed in Vizzn Maps, an estimator can go to the site and walk it while watching themselves move across the corresponding electronic drawing on the screen of their phone or iPad.  This same product enables the estimator to take notes and geo-stamped pictures of site challenges (that also show the direction the camera was facing) and upload them back to those same shared drawings.

During the tender review stage, the estimator’s “walk-about insights and documentation” combined with Vizzn’s “drawing overlay” on top of the satellite image of the land, further reduces estimating risk. Vizzn enabled contractors can sleep well at night with the confidence that they will not become just another bankruptcy statistic.

Since the invention of Interactive Drawing for Estimating, Vizzn has extended the application of this same technology to add value at other stages of the construction projects including pre-construction (Job Site Design Product), during construction (Interactive Drawings for Day-to-Day Construction Product) and for the billing phase (Interactive Drawings for Extra Billings and Quality Control Product).  

Vizzn’s Job Site Design Product enables contractors to optimize the physical layout of any job and well before it is ever staked.  Simply use the drawings to place stuff like gravel piles, job shacks, materials, haul roads and laydowns enables leaders to optimize their placements after taking into account site sequencing and spill piles.  The placement of these objects on the drawings then translates into the exact same placement in the real world.  This simple pre-construction routine will always result in more efficient sites. How many times have you watched a large chunk of the first site day wasted with the crew reorganizing materials that were haphazardly dropped off?  At $20,000/day even one hour reorganizing a site extrapolated over 100 projects in a year is a combined $200,000 of waste. 

Vizzn’s Interactive Drawings for Day-to-Day Construction makes sure your field team always understands the site nuances for their exact scope of work.  Think of some of your biggest construction mistakes that required rework.  I’m willing to bet that the root of the problem was always a breakdown of communication or a breakdown of someone’s memory.  With Vizzn, every potential pitfall can be pre-identified on a set of electronic drawings and then when the field team members are at each scope, they can see themselves located on those same electronic drawings with their attention drawn to the pre-identified nuances.  Of course, these same drawings also enable your project managers to be well informed when visiting the sites to easily double check site nuances are being adhered to. 

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, heavy civil construction:  don’t become another bankruptcy statistic just because of one bad bid, business

Vizzn’s Interactive Drawings for Extra Billings and Quality Control is another no-brainer.  With this product a contractor will identify and collect more extra billings than ever before! This software allows anyone on site to take geo-stamped photos and videos of site challenges, complete with notes and correct camera orientation. This information is then posted to a shared drawing for those responsible for billings to review and bill out with success.  The quality control portion of this product works exactly the same way except it is used for documenting quality control.

Imagine if this same product was extended to safety where the underground utility locates were overlayed on the electronic drawings and everyone pulling up those drawings on their phone can see their exact location in relation to all surrounding hazards.  Well, you guessed it!  This is also a Vizzn product and is included in its safety solutions.

Vizzn Inc. is a collection of unique and innovative construction software products designed to solve real heavy civil contractor challenges. Check out which products might work for you at  

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