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Has Mobile Taken Over Online Gambling?

Mobile phones and gadgets have made a significant impact on many modern industries. The majority of people have refused from a landline and music players in favour of mobile devices, but have they already attracted more online than land-based casino gamblers too? Gambling revenues are growing incessantly, but a lockdown caused by coronavirus has resulted in the impressive growth of mobile gaming that has increased by 46% in 2020. Almost half of all gamblers spent money on mobile games, while the revenue from online gambling will reach about $1 trillion in 2021. However, the most important fact is that the mobile gambling industry is taking over online one and now we can observe the process of this shift.

Reasons for the gambling industry to go mobile

There are several factors to make the world of online casinos conquer mobile access by storm:

  1. Convenience: there is no need to endure your patience when you want to have fun since online casinos can be accessed almost anytime and anywhere. 
  2. Cross-platform approach: it makes no difference whether you use popular platforms like iOS or Android or you prefer more exclusive mobile devices powered by Blueberry or Windows, the majority of online casinos are responsive and can be accessed almost from any mobile browser.
  3. Constant growth of game number: modern software game developers have put more emphasis on HTML5 games that run both on computers and mobile gadgets. Moreover, they are released much more frequently, with better quality, gameplay, inferior graphics, so the selection is wide and increases incessantly.
  4. Digital banking options: mobile devices allow depositing and withdrawing funds not only using traditional payment methods but also a cryptocurrency and exclusive pay by mobile options like casinos with Boku deposits as well. It allows to complete gambling transactions faster and with lower fees.

Mobile gambling facts to surprise you 

Casinos have always been a popular way of entertainment but the introduction of online gambling platforms has extended players’ possibilities. This multi-billion industry has already taken top positions in many spheres, and there are mobile gambling facts that confirm its prominent future as well:

  • Around 70% of all casino players use a mobile casino to gamble which is a proven fact of its domination in the gambling market.
  • There is the Mobile Game of the Year award established back in 2012 to encourage software developers to create new masterpieces.
  • The swiping technique is more comfortable and handier than tapping for gambling on mobile devices.
  • The majority of players to access online casinos on mobile gadgets are 50 years and older.
  • Casino and card mobile games have the longest average session length out of all mobile game genres (up to 22 minutes).

How will mobile gambling change the casino industry in the upcoming years?

The pandemic made land-based casinos experience great losses in 2020, but this tendency has caused an increase in patronage of online casinos as well. Experts predict a boom in mobile gambling in 2021 already and the main reasons for that look as follows:

  • Closing of numerous land-based casinos all around the globe;
  • The attraction of millennial players from terrestrial establishments;
  • The introduction of new Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality features;
  • The rising popularity of live dealer casinos that can substitute land-based experience;
  • Development of new gambling markets (many countries decide to legalize gambling and take it from the dark shade).

Looking at the statistics from previous years when players could observe an upward trend in the growth of mobile casinos since 2017 already, currently, the pandemic has made this curve much more promising for gaming companies. It results in the appearance of a bigger number of casino apps available for players and an effort to provide the highest gambling quality on mobile devices as well. Players can also face stricter security measures aimed at protecting the details provided to casinos through the Internet.

Online gambling experiences many changes caused by technology and its mobile direction is one of the most apparent ones. Modern casinos can observe an incessant growth in the number of mobile players who have already got to be right up the top and this trend is predicted to gain pace in the future too.

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