A Guide to the Best Places to Find Free Games

Free games

Do you ever get so stuck in a game that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going? That’s when you need a strategy guide to help you out. These free guides can be found all over the internet, but the following sites have the very best ones.

GameFAQs has long since been a favorite of those looking for help with their favorite games. As far back as the early 2000s they’ve been providing walkthroughs on all of the latest games. It’s all user generated but the guides are rated to ensure that only the best ones appear at the top of the list. For new games, you’ll see different versions of guides being updated and added to with every play through.

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As much as we all make fun of the IGN rating system, their guides are actually really good. If you’ve been playing Breath of the Wild recently then you’ll know that they were one of the first to get their shrine guides online. This brought them a huge amount of traffic and even caused us to take another look into their guides section. The advantage that they have over GameFAQs is that theirs are produced in house, rather than user generated, so they’re generally consistent and high quality.

When it comes to online gambling games, there are all manner of sites out there teaching you how to beat the dealer. Guides for online bingo sites are some of the best, as they teach you about the probabilities and sites that you can play on. Check out this guide for bingo players to get started.

Wikipedia is usually where we go when we need to learn just about anything and loads of Wikis exist for different games. Strategy Wiki is an aggregator of guides for these different games. This allows the user to quickly search for a game and then find a range of guides and information to help them play. In typical Wiki style, everything is presented neatly in small paragraphs that you can jump between easily.

Another veteran in this industry, Super Cheats has been online for a number of years. This staple for every gamer has continued to thrive despite significant competition. They do this by pooling users in their forums to ask all of the most common questions about specific games. This means that if you google one of these questions, their site will most likely pop up at the top of the results.

If you need any help with the latest games then we can suggest any one of these sites! There’s no shame in getting a hint every now and again, so don’t be shy when it comes to checking them out in future.

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