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Geo-targeting in PPC: How does it work?

If your company has a tight budget, you might be looking for more ways to improve the efficiency of your paid advertising campaigns.

However, if you home in on your target audience, you’ll find out that there’s no need to be reached by absolutely everyone. A carefully planned PPC-strategy with a focus on a local audience could put your message out to the people most likely to invest in your business.

What is geo-targeting?

Geo-targeting is a method used by advertisers to specify the location on which they wish to show their adverts. With UK citizens collectively looking at their phone over a billion times a day, there’s never been a better time to use location-based marketing in your business.

Advertisers can choose different content for each advert based on geographic locations – and what the people in those locations are searching for!

It’s possible to specify not only the country but the area within that country, and this can even be refined to a particular radius. If you’re interested in specific borders for your adverts, you could refer to an experienced marketing agency to help implement personalised geo-targeting.

Why do you need geo-targeting in PPC?

Researching local buying habits could become a great way to resonate with your target audience. If you post tempting adverts relevant to local trends, you’ll be more likely to attract your audience’s attention. 

Successfully implemented geo-targeting also gives you more detailed data to be able to customise and enhance the performance of your brand, leading to better feedback from your customers.

With nearly 40% of people doing more shopping onlinethan they did before lockdown, now is the time to use geo-targeting to reel more customers in.

Better targeting reduces your wasted spend, as you no longer throw money away by advertising to audiences in the wrong area. This optimizes your budget for a better return on investment.

Learning Google hacks

Once you’ve started to pick up more web traffic through geo-targeting, the website for your business will also start to look better in the eyes of Google.

Certain tools are available that could be extremely useful for your advertising strategy. These include Google Trends, where you can explore which locations are most interested in what you’d like to offer.

Overall, geo-targeting could promote your brand once you to get to know the buying habits, major events and sales opportunities in your local area.

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