Geek out virtual con 2020
Geek out virtual con
Geek insider geek out virtual con 2020

Saturday, April 11

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Ghost Busters meet Ghost Adventures. This is what happens when you get two priests, a skeptic, and a techy chasing ghosts and spirit entities. 

The Underpresence


Advocates for INDIE musicians, writers, artists, video and board game creators, and filmmakers. Let’s talk about how to enter and win an Indie Originals laurel for your work with Chuck Fresh and Jake Estrada.

Indie Originals

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Known in the cosplay and comic con universe as The TRUE Aquaman, Rick Stafford is also a fitness instructor, Ironman Triathlete, and advocate for human decency and kindness through charity work.  

The TRUE Aquaman


Writer and artist for Hybrids: The Sons of Gods saga, Luke Stone is also a Project Manager at Star Cross comics. With 15+ years of publishing and making comics, he is a wealth of knowledge for indie creators. 

Luke Stone Studios

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CHRISTIAN BASEL – Legend of the Traveling Tardis

Host of the Legend of the Traveling Tardis – A Doctor WHO Radio Show and co-host of Hangin With Web Show, Christian Basel turns on the charm with humor and knowledge for Whovian fans everywhere.  

Legend of the Traveling Tardis


Kathryn Calamia is a comic book writer for Like Father, Like Daughter and They Call Her…The Dancer. She’s also known for her comic book and TV journalism through her YouTube channel, Comic Uno, who currently works for Newsarama and DC Universe with bylines with IGN, Fandom, and TV Guide. 

Comic Uno is on Twitter

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Heroineburgh is both a comic book and a live-action superheroine video series, based in a fantastical version of Pittsburgh, PA. After a dark-energy meteor explosion, dozens of women around the city acquire various powers genetically, using their abilities to either help the citizens or for personal gain and mayhem. 


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Marvin Wynn is a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, and begun crafting the story of The Edge in 1992. The story went through multiple iterations and story changes before starting work with Mark V. It was then that the story settled into what it is today. 

The Edge Comic

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Phil is the writer and creator of “HAUNTING”, a supernatural horror comic which follows a cantankerous teen with a pesky habit of raising the dead. 

Haunting Comic


Born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, Daniel Kalban first fell in love with comics the way many of us first do: their animated adventures on television. When his father handed down his own comics from the silver age, Daniel was hooked. An office assistant for a metropolitan law firm by day; Daniel is constantly writing and coming up with new concepts even as he continues to develop American Dreams

American Dreams Comic

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Sunday, April 12

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Bill McCormick is the author of funny apocalypses and bent multiverses. His titles include The Brittle Riders Trilogy: Volumes 1, 2 and 3. 

Bill McSciFi


Terance Baker is the Founder of ICC Independent Creators Connection. He is a comic book artist and publisher, professional photographer and cosplayer. 

ICC Independent Creators Connection

Geek out virtual con 2020, terance baker, icc independent creators connection, geek insider, comic book creator, writer, photographer, cosplay

More to be announced…