Top 5 video game breasts

Top 5 Video Game Breasts

The video game industry is no stranger to breasts. They’re just about in every game you can buy these days and also featured prominently in the games of yesteryear. Big breasts, little breasts, breasts as big as your head; all of this and more in Geek Insider’s Top 5 Video Game Breasts. #5 Manny’s Double-Breasted…

Xbox 720 won’t require an always online internet connection

Xbox 720 Won’t Require an Always Online Internet Connection

According to Ars Technica, an internal email from Microsoft has been leaked and it states that the next-gen Xbox or Xbox 720, won’t require a an always-online internet connection to play single-player games. Xbox 720 The email was sent to full-time Microsoft employees and states that Durango, this is the codename for the Xbox 720,…

Super retro trio offers three classic consoles in one

Super Retro Trio Offers Three Classic Consoles in One

So, the most difficult decision I had to make in my childhood was definitely the one to choose between, Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Although, there was another decision that made my life pretty difficult, that was to pick either SNES or Sega Genesis, as my console because my Dad wouldn’t let me have both. Both were 16-bit…

Sanctum 2 preview

Sanctum 2 Preview

Think of tower defence games and images of mobile devices and simple Flash games probably come to mind. It’s certainly difficult to imagine the strategic, wall and tower building genre being squeezed into the mould of a first person shooter, but indie developer Coffee Stain Studios achieved just that with 2011’s Sanctum. Two years later…

Star trek: the game review

Star Trek: The Game Review

Star Trek: The Game, what can really be said? As a general rule, movie tie-in games are a bit rubbish. As with any general rule, of course, there are exceptions. The original Golden Eye for the N64, for example. Or The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay for the Xbox. But these are anomalies….

Tracy seamster’s “1001 faces of npcs”

Tracy Seamster’s “1001 Faces of NPCs”

Tracy Seamster’s “1001 Faces of NPCs” at East Coast Game Conference I attended Tracy Seamster’s talk on building realistic and engaging non-player characters (NPCs) at the East Coast Game Conference. Players, Seamster says, remember game characters who are very helpful or very annoying. I can think of several tutorial NPCs whose text pop-ups drove me…

The east coast game conference

The East Coast Game Conference

I first attended Raleigh’s East Coast Game Conference in 2010, when it was Triangle Games Conference. (I’m a gaming convention hipster, apparently.)  Now in it’s fifth year, ECGC offers seven programming tracks, allowing attendees to focus on Design, Programming, Art, Writing, Serious Games, Education, Mobile, Career, or choose different events from various tracks. The East…

Sony’s dualshock controller, xbox 720 anncouncement date, new cod – and more!

Sony’s DualShock Controller, Xbox 720 Anncouncement Date, New CoD – And More!

Welcome to a new feature here at Geek Insider! Every week, I shall round up the most interesting gaming news and rumors that the Internet has to offer. From new videos, pictures, and information regarding the latest games to news regarding our beloved industry, it shall all be here. Well, maybe not all, but certainly the bits I…