When steam winter sale is cheaper elsewhere, gamers win

When Steam Winter Sale is Cheaper Elsewhere, Gamers Win

  As 2014 approaches, some gamers will probably notice that the current iteration of Steam Winter Sale may not seem as competitive as previous year past — but what’s really happening is that the last few years has seen an increase in the competition PC gamer’s wallets. A few other major digital retailers are encroaching…

Nintendo’s online services crash on christmas

Nintendo’s Online Services Crash On Christmas

Nintendo’s online services crash. Needless to say, they have been having some pretty major issues this week. Nintendo Online Problems Have No End In Sight Nintendo of America has postponed the launch of the Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter apps “due to a large volume of traffic to the Nintendo Network service.” On Christmas day,…

Rockstar responds to reports of gta v money hackers

Rockstar Responds To Reports Of GTA V Money Hackers

Apparently, the currency hacking in GTA V has gotten SO out of control, that cheaters are randomly gifting innocent players with massive amounts of currency, in hopes of getting them banned. GTA V MoneyHackers Attempt To Have Innocent Players Banned Rockstar Support is attempting to respond to as many people as they can about the…

Steam to release midquel portal 2 mod, “conversion”

Steam to Release Midquel Portal 2 Mod, “Conversion”

Portal fans rejoice! It’s not quite Portal 3, but thanks to Russian/Ukranian fan-developers Hidden Valley, you can get your latest fix in the form of their upcoming mod to Portal 2, “Conversion.” Intending to cover the “lost time” in between Portal and Portal 2, “Conversion” will answer the question “what happened to Aperture Science during…

Pro gamer recognized as pro athlete by u. S. Government

Pro Gamer Recognized As Pro Athlete By U.S. Government

Attention all you gamers out there forced to work a boring desk job because everyone told you that playing video games is not a suitable occupation. Last week, twenty-three-year-old Kim “viOLet” Dong Hwan proved everyone wrong. On December 9, he became the first StarCraft 2 player to receive a P-1A Visa, allowing him to live…

Blizzard gives diablo iii expansion an official release date and price

Blizzard Gives Diablo III Expansion An Official Release Date And Price

And now, the moment we have all been waiting for… Blizzard To Launch Diablo III Expansion On March 25th, $40 Price Point Blizzard has spoken up today to let us know that their Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion is set to launch on March 25th, 2014, with a moderate $40 price point. Blizzard went…

The avengers minecraft skins are coming for xbox 360 edition

The Avengers Minecraft Skins Are Coming For Xbox 360 Edition

New content is coming to Minecraft for Xbox 360 in the form of Avengers skins. The Avengers Are Assembling In Minecraft For Xbox 360 Dynamic trio,Marvel, Mojang and Microsoft, are set to deliver an Avengers Minecraft Skin Pack to the Xbox 360 version of the game. The skin pack,  which is coming soon, is slated…

Nearly 4 decades of console prices – adjusted for inflation (infographic)

Nearly 4 Decades Of Console Prices – Adjusted For Inflation (Infographic)

Does the price of the latest consoles have you down? Do you feel like they are ridiculously over priced and that you simply can’t afford them? Take heart! Even though the consoles of the good old days may have seemed affordable or even cheap, this infographic tells us otherwise! Taking into account JUST how much…

Nintendo direct: nintendo announces a new super smash bros. Challenger

Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Announces A New Super Smash Bros. Challenger

Nintendo has announced a brand new challenger for their hit, Super Smash Bros: Rosalina. Rosalina To Be Newest SSB Challenger In an announcement made at Nintendo Direct this morning, we have learned that Rosalina will, in fact, be joining the SSB team as a new challenger for the new game, to be released on 3DS…

Nintendo direct: nintendo announces nes remix for wii u and you can pick it up today

Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Announces NES Remix For Wii U And You Can Pick It Up Today

Nintendo Direct is dropping all kinds of Wii U related news this morning. One of the more exciting revelations was: NES Remix Is Available Now For Wii U Ever wanted to play in an epic cross over of your favorite Nintendo characters? This is the game for you and it’s available on the eShop today….