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Frequent Invisalign Questions

Everyone is looking for various ways to improve their lives. They may look for innovations in protein drinks, energy drinks, transportation or other aspects that make life more simple. That is why it is no surprise that they turn to Invisalign, a brand and product that seeks to improve smiles with ease.

Instead of the old school metal braces and wires, this brand brings a different option to the table. That can certainly be fascinating and interesting for many people out there. At the same time, many people will have quite a bit of questions when it comes to this brand and product. They may wonder what it is all about and how it differs from traditional braces.

Here is what you must know about these types of teeth improvement devices, why they matter, and how they can make a difference in your life. While more companies are coming into the market and helping people to conduct teeth improvement by themselves, people are also taking advantage of Invisalign because they usually work with professional dentists for the procedure. This can help them to eliminate risk and transfer the responsibility of implementing it to the dental professionals instead of taking all of the burden by themselves.

Here are a few questions you might have when it comes to Invisalign.

How Quickly Do Teeth Move With Invisalign?

The truth is that no two pairs of teeth are similar. Many respond differently to the Invisalign treatment, depending on the material used and the amount of time you’ve had them on. 

Generally, you should begin to see noticeable changes within a few weeks. If you want the best results, try to stay consistent, replacing the aligner every two weeks. By doing so, your teeth would get aligned faster than you may realize.

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

As mentioned earlier, Invisalign provides the same function braces do. However, they are different in some other ways. For one, Invisalign is slightly cheaper than braces, making it a widely preferred option. Additionally, Invisalign is more straightforward to fix onto the teeth compared to braces. Unlike braces, where you need to add a lot of thin wire to hold it in place, Invisalign can easily get fixed onto your teeth without much issue.

What Is The Best Age To Get Invisalign?

Ideally, there is no actual age to get Invisalign. It can be used by all age brackets in several geographical locations. Yes, it applies to all demographics. Thus, you don’t have to worry about being the right or wrong age to get one. 

However, it is essential to consult your doctor before you decide to get this dental tool. Your dental professional would thoroughly examine you and determine what Invisalign treatment plan you should follow to get an amazing smile.


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