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Four Reasons to Start Using Custom Foam Inserts

There are so many benefits to using custom foam inserts in your storage cases. Foma can be cut into all sorts of shapes and designs to fit your specific storage needs, protecting your important equipment from any potential damage. 

Read on to find out how a custom foam insert could help you.

Provides excellent protection

Adding foam inserts into your storage cases is the best way to prevent any damage to your expensive equipment inside. Foam acts as a great tool to absorb shock whilst leaving the products inside in pristine condition. The soft, yet study Polyethylene foam keeps everything from glass bottles to cameras safe whilst being transported or moved around. 

Custom design stops damage 

The custom nature of foam inserts means that your equipment will snugly fit into its allocated position within your storage box, reducing any chance of damage happening. Once your equipment is safely stored within the box, depending on the equipment, you will be able to put over a foam lined lid which ensures that everything is tightly packed with no chance of any movement. 

Getting a custom foam company to cut your equipment spaces will ensure that they are the perfect fit. Specialist foam companies typically use laser cutting for precision and measure out the necessary space needed between each piece of equipment to keep them all safe and sturdy.

Save business spendings 

At the end of the day, packing your equipment safely will ensure your business doesn’t have to spend any money fixing or replacing items, as they will be fully protected during transportation. Packing inefficiently or using ill-fitting foam inserts will likely mean more damages or broken items. 

If you are carrying equipment to be sold, this means the items won’t be sellable if they’re broken. Alternatively, if you carry tools you require for your job that break, you will have to splurge on new pieces of equipment. Correct fitting foam inserts can reduce these problematic scenarios and unnecessary costs.

Makes packing quicker 

We know how stressful packing can be, especially when you can’t seem to fit everything in your bag correctly. However, using foam inserts means you will know exactly where to put each item as it will have its designated spot within your storage box. Not to mention you won’t need to spend time carefully wrapping each item in bubble wrap, as the foam does all the protection and shock absorption for you. 

Saving time packing and unpacking is one small benefit that could have a surprisingly useful impact on your resources and costs.

No matter what sort of equipment you carry for your business, it could benefit from a custom foam case insert. Investing in products that will help you cut costs in the long run as well as protecting your potentially expensive equipment is always a smart business decision, which is why custom foam inserts are so popular in a variety of different industries.

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