Five Things We Love about Sophia Loren

Have you seen an actress who is not only bold, seductive, and stunning beauty, but also a faithful wife, caring mother, and cookbook author?

That could be like looking for a unicorn in our modern times but guess what…

I have seen one.

The stunning seductress and phenomenal actress, Sophia Loren, has all the qualities of being an international icon.

Sophia Loren was not only a shy teenager who was bullied in school but was also brave enough to participate and later win a beauty pageant. She was not only famous for being an international seductress but also a faithful caring wife who remained with her husband until death did them part.

Today, we will be telling you five amazing fun facts about the stunning actress, Sophia Loren.

Compelling Facts about Sophia Loren

Here are a few intriguing facts about the starlet.

Sophia Loren Hails from Noble Lineage

Although almost everyone knows that Sophia Loren was an illegitimate child out of wedlock, how many of you know that Sophia Loren is actually a marquise?

Loren’s good-for-nothing father, Riccardo Scicolone, was a Marquess of Licata Scicolone Murillo. Thus, making the gorgeous actress, Sophia Loren, a marquise of Licata Scicolone Murillo.

Sophia Loren was Miss Elegance

Born as an introvert, Sophia Loren did face school bullying at an early age. Despite being bullied for her looks and personality, the bold actress, Sophia Loren, bravely participated in a beauty pageant. Loren had a little scar under her chin that she got during a wartime attack. 

But when she participated in the beauty pageant in Italy, all the judges gave her the title of “Miss Elegance”. She gave all those bullies a tight and elegant slap right across their faces by winning the title of “Miss Italy”.

A True Heroin in Life

Loren was a true living heroine when she fought with her good-for-nothing father for her sister’s rights. She was only 17 years old when she started her career as an actress. After getting her first paycheck as an actress, Sophia Loren marched off to her father and paid him 1 million lire. The bold actress bravely demanded from her father to allow her sister to use his last name.

Two Women

Who doesn’t know about the movie, Two Women? In 1960, during her one of the finest and well-famous movies, Two Women, all the producers of the movie wanted Sophia to play the role of the 12-year-old daughter when in the end, she played the role of the mother. 

Well, we still believe that even if she had played the role of the daughter, Sophia would have proved her credibility as the finest actress of her age.

Married Twice But With the Same Guy

As much as it sounds funny and romantic, the story actually was a little tragic. Sophia Loren’s husband, Carlo Ponti, was still legally married when the actress married him. Although Carlo Ponti and his ex-wife did take divorce in Mexico, Italy’s government did not approve or accept it. 

The couple then filed for a divorce and moved to France. Sophia faced too much criticism during this process. But at last, she again married the love of her life in France.

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