Five Programming Languages Students Should Learn in 2023

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Top programming languages students should learn in 2023 to become more proficient in the competitive business and employment world despite the different challenges associated with programming. 

There are numerous benefits of learning programming languages in the current generation. First and foremost, as a student, you get the privilege of accessing the highly technological world connected by machines. On the same note, programming skills can be applied in different industries and fields. Apparently, students having difficulty learning programming languages can always seek help from custom writing companies like peachyessay. A programming language is a scheme of symbols, either text-based or graphical, used in writing computer programs. With the current technology advancing at a steady pace, students will need to learn and keep themselves up to date by learning several programming languages mainly used by programmers worldwide. Let’s look at the essential programming languages for students by the year 2023.


Java is an all-inclusive programming language that allows programmers to write once and run everywhere (WORA). This means that the compiled code can run on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android without the programmers needing to recompile the java codes. Java was formed and programmed by James Gosling in May 1995 as a significant constituent of Sun Microsystems. By 2019, Java was already one of the most used programming languages by consumer-server web applications, with over nine billion developers using it. Java also offers many different versions, the latest being Java 19, which is supported by other long-term versions like; Java 8, Java 11, and Java 17.

Java is extensively used in web and application development and as a base for numerous giant websites such as Amazon, YouTube, Google, and Twitter. Hundreds of other applications are also based on Java programming. Java has also introduced features such as struts, hibernates, and spring, which are now very prevalent with application and web programmers. Java is a challenging language to learn, experienced java developers have a widespread online community to assist each other. An average java programmer can earn around 110, 000 dollars annually. The downside of Java is that it uses a higher-level language that might be difficult for beginners and new users to understand. Java also has a lot of new vocabulary that requires developers to learn consistently, which might be tiresome.


Javascript, abbreviated as JS, was developed and introduced in 1995 as LiveScript. When JavaScript was developed, Java was the most popular programming language; hence JavaScript was advertised as a younger brother to Java for it to gain popularity faster. Although JavaScript has a name that can be confused with Java, JavaScript has established its syntax, language, lexicon, and semantics, which makes it suitable for beginners compared to other programming languages. Currently, JavaScript is one of the leading technologies behind HTML, CSS, the World Wide Web (WWW), and other 98% of websites. JavaScript is used on the client’s side of a website to record webpage performance by integrating third-party collections. Nearly all key web browsers have devoted JavaScript engines to implement the coding on the users’ gadgets. Initially, JavaScript was used to develop web browsers, but over time, they are now used in websites and non-website browsers. An average Javascript developer pockets around 112,000 dollars annually. The disadvantage of JavaScript is that different browsers sometimes interpret it differently from other browsers, making it difficult for a developer to code cross-browser codes.


Python is a popular programming language that is very easy and convenient for beginners due to its readability. Deep learning applications and machine learning applications majorly use Python due to its user-friendly data structures and easy information integration. Python is a free programming language with widespread sustenance units and community development. 2D imaging and 3D animation constituents such as Autodesk, Blender, and Inkscape also utilize Python programming language. Python has been used to create popular scientific and mathematical applications such as Abacus, popular video games such as Toon town, and popular websites such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Quora. Per year, Python developers may earn from 110,000 dollars. The main disadvantage of the Python programming language is that it uses complex programming skills while overlooking the programming basics and beginners.


Go programming language, also referred to as Golang (a name obtained from its domain name), was designed and created by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson at google in the year 2007. Go is currently among the most widespread programming language due to its easy nature of use, can work with multicore and interconnected systems, and handles bulky codebases. Major IT firms like Google, Twitch, Dropbox, and Uber have established Go as their primary programming language due to its familiar syntax and modern structure. Skilled Go developers can pocket from 142,000 up to 261,000 dollars annually. The main disadvantages of using the Go programming language are; it lacks a robust and supportive developer community and has very little reference support. Go programming language also lacks generics, meaning the developer might end up coding more than they would while using other coding languages.


Swift is an open-source programming language that is simplified to use and was developed in 2014 by Apple for their Linux and Mac frameworks. Swift supports many objective features of other programming languages, and compared to other programming languages; it requires less coding expertise. The lower coding requirements enable Swift to be used with IBM Bluemix and IBM Swift Sandbox, and also it’s incorporated in iOS apps like Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, and SoundCloud. The iOS game Flappy Bird is also based on the Swift programming language. Professional iOS application developers earn around 110,000 US dollars annually. The downside of Swift is that it lacks proper support from previous iOS versions and compatibility with third-party tools as a young programming language.

In conclusion, the current generation has many benefits from learning programming languages. Among the many benefits is that students can apply the skills in different industries and fields. Unfortunately, without programming, it would not be possible for people to use their mobile phones, laptops, or other technological equipment. Most importantly, having a degree in programming languages could make individuals create solutions to modern problems. 

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