Five Outrageous Facts about Margot Robbie

The stunning and unbelievably talented Australian actress Margot Robbie is one of many A list Hollywood actors. She has marvelously shown her credibility in many of her movies like Wolf of Wall Street, The Legend of Tarzan, Suicide Squad, and many of her other films.

Today, we will be sharing five fun facts about the gorgeous and finest actress of Hollywood.

She’s A True Foodie

In many of her interviews and Instagram posts, Margot Robbie shows that she is nothing like other diet-conscious actresses; she loves eating Subway burgers and drinking a mug of cold beer in a hot shower. 

She’s more relatable.

Robbie loves eating everything that the world offers her. 

But how does she stay so thin and sexy??

When asked about her perfect bikini shots in the movie, Robbie said that she always diets before filming bikini scenes in any of her movies. After that, she loves to eat whatever she wants, particularly burgers and beers, like a true Aussie.

She has a Circus School Certificate

In general, all the mothers out there love to send their kids to sports schools, music schools, dance classes, summer camps, etc., but Margot’s mother decided to send her to a Circus school. 

As much as it sounds strange and funny, Robbie truly has a “Trapeze certificate”. Maybe little Margot’s mother magically had a hunch about her daughter’s iconic role of Harley Quinn in the movie, Suicide Squad.

Her Husband Was Her Housemate

Everyone knows the significant events of Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley’s love story. But how many of you out there actually know that they were roommates before they even started dating. In 2013, both of them first met on the set of a movie, Suite Francaise. During the shooting, some of the crew members, including Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley, decided to rent a house in London. Eventually, they both found the magic spark and decided to date. 

Margot and Tom admitted that they hide their relationship from their other housemates for a certain period of time. Aww, how cute! They would have looked fantastic dating secretly.

She Loves Giving Tattoos

Although she is not a certified tattoo artist, Margot Robbie has a thing for giving tattoos to her friends. During filming on the movie Suicide Squad, the talented actress tatted “SKWAD” on many of her crew members. 

Even Will Smith joined Margot Robbie in giving the tattoos to the co-star Joel Kinnaman.

 Doesn’t it sound fun. 

During a reality T.V show, The Graham Norton Show, Margot Robbie also gave a live tattoo to a fellow guest. Didn’r know the girl was this talented? 

Now you know.

Suicide-Squad Crazy Rules

As much as we adore and appreciate all the craziness of Harley Quinn, the actress, Margot Robbie, had to follow some crazy rules to deliver such an iconic role in the movie Suicide Squad. 

To get into the character of Harley Quinn, the actress was asked to shave her eyebrow, control her breath for at least one minute in the water to shoot a scene, and was not allowed to rehearse her scenes with the co-actor, Jared Leto.


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