Find Someone’s Email: Five Simple Tips to Make Use Of

Finding email addresses

Today, there are over 6 billion unique email addresses in the world. Compared to the world’s population of 7.8 billion people, this figure is very impressive, indicating that almost everyone these days has a personal email. So, no surprise that email is the primary channel for conveying your messages, both personal and professional. Yet, while getting your friend’s email is never a problem, professional communication may pose certain challenges. Is there a way to find one’s email if you do not know that someone in person? In fact, there is more than one way to do so, and we will discuss the most certain options in the paragraphs below.

Start with social media

Today, you can find literally anyone on social media sites, and the same networks can be used to convey your message. Of course, this approach has a downside because not everyone is very active on social media sites, and not everyone is likely to respond to a stranger. This statement is especially true for recreational networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Professional networks, like LinkedIn, are more suitable for that, but even they do not guarantee a 100% success rate.

On the bright side, it is not always necessary to message people on social media because plenty of users have their email addresses public on leading social networks. Of course, there could be exceptions, and Twitter, with its limited bio space, is one of them. Still, you can find the email address you need via Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn — if you’re lucky, of course.

Make a guess and verify it

If social media did not give you the information you are looking for, you could always make an educated guess. It is hardly possible to guess someone’s personal email address because few of them have a comprehensive pattern. Professional emails, however, follow a standard logic of first (and sometimes last) name followed by a company name. So, when trying to contact someone within a particular company, you can always give guesswork a try.

To make sure you are not sending emails in vain, complete your guesswork by verifying emails. There are plenty of tools that can do just that, and most of them offer a series of free searches. For starters, check out or When looking for more info on email and its owner, you can use EmailHippo or other paid services.

Use professional email hunting software

Speaking of paid services, there are plenty of professional tools that can find relevant email addresses without making you resort to guesswork. Take SignalHire as an example. This Chrome extension was originally designed for recruiters who did not want to make their job offers via LinkedIn messages. This, however, does not mean that the extension cannot be used with the leading professional network. Quite on the contrary, you can get relevant business emails and phones on Linkedin just by clicking on the plugin in Chrome or Firefox browser. Alternatively, you can search their internal database with over 400 million contacts by name, industry, keyword, etc.

Similar tools of the kind include Buzzstream,, and VoilaNorbert. All of these services are quite similar in functionality, and most of them have only a limited number of free searches. Still, subscription costs are usually moderate, and if you need to contact strangers on a daily basis, such an investment could be well worth it.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

<p>If you are not ready to pay any subscription fees, you can always make use of Linkedin’s Sales Navigator for Gmail, formerly known as Rapportive. This plugin is 100% free and can often bring the results you are hoping for. Of course, like all free software, it comes with a limitation. For example, this plugin can show an email that’s linked to a LinkedIn account. However, unlike SignalHire and tools of the kind, it will not show any other information. And let’s agree — sometimes, you need not only an email but also a phone number and a couple of backlinks to other social media accounts.</p>

Google it

Finally, do not forget the good old Google. While this search engine is not the surest way to find someone’s email addresses, you still can get lucky and come across the information you are looking for. Of course, when looking for a person with a widespread name, you might have to spend a lot of time searching. However, the upside is that this process is entirely free, and it takes nothing but your time. If you are willing to spare some, start with this step.


Besides, when looking to contact someone within a particular company, you may get their relevant work emails on the official company site. Such an approach works well for small businesses that do not usually hide their valid contact details.

All in all, there are plenty of ways to find an email address you need. A final tip would be to go through your list of connections and ask someone you know personally to make introductions. Similar to SignalHire and other email hunting software, such an approach can bring the most feasible results.

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