Fantasy RPG A Township Tale Launches Today on Oculus Quest and Quest 2

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SYDNEY – July 15, 2021 It’s time for Quest owners to band together, craft and survive as A Township Tale, the online cooperative multiplayer VR RPG set in a medieval world, is now available on Oculus Quest and Quest 2. For $9.99USD, players will be able to purchase A Township Tale and receive their own server along with 1,000 Talems (in-game currency) to purchase additional cosmetic items for their characters.



“Today’s launch is a dream come true, not just for our team at Alta but also for our fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting the Oculus Quest version of A Township Tale,” said Boramy Unn, game director, Alta. “Whether it’s crafting items or just enjoying our magical fantasy world, players can now play together on Quest and escape into the magical world of A Township Tale, a place that feels immersive and alive in a way that’s only possible on VR.”

Developed by Australian studio Alta, A Township Tale combines RPG and survival gameplay elements set in a medieval fantasy virtual reality world. Up to eight players can band together where they’ll choose various professions including blacksmiths, woodcutters, miners, archers and warriors. Venture into unexplored areas and recover crafting materials to improve gear and level up abilities. With countless specialized weapons, skills and play-styles, player choice and exploration are key in A Township Tale.

Key Features

● Physical Crafting Professions – Adopt roles and operate physical tools and stations, maximizing the spatial range of VR controls.

● Levelling – Level up in specialized professions to unlock abilities in crafting and combat.

● Online Multiplayer – Join each other on the adventure and level up different skills to form a unique party.

● Personal Server – Oculus Quest players can start their own cloud-hosted server with an eight concurrent player limit. (NOTE: PC and Quest will not yet feature cross-play at launch.)

A Township Tale has built a community of over 66,000 members on Discord and has released more than 70 game updates since its initial PC release.



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About Alta

Alta was founded in 2016, and is based in Sydney, Australia by Tima Anoshechkin, Joel van de Vorstenbosch and Boramy Unn, created with the following guiding principles:

We are passionate game developers who played and built games all our lives. We founded Alta with the goal of creating a strong studio culture based on respect for our players, professionalism, and ownership of the work we create. We believe that it is impossible to create epic games without great studio structure and intimate communication with our players.

Visit the Alta website and follow A Township Taleon Twitter for more information.

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