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Everything You Need To Know About Human Design Charts

Human design charts, also known as BodyGraphs, are fascinating phenomena in today’s times. According to the Jovian Archive, it can be understood as a meticulous portrayal of one’s genetic design. The evaluation is based on one’s birth date, birth time, and birthplace. 

A human design chart seamlessly helps a person tap into the pool of their conscious and unconscious mind. It helps you discover your true self, allowing you to get to know yourself better and strive to be the best version of yourself.

The concept of BodyGraph is based on a perfect blend of ancient beliefs and scientific studies. It combines Western Astrology, Chakras, Kabbalah, and I Ching with Quantum Physics and Human Psychology. With the assistance of these concepts, the BodyGraph expresses the flow of energy in one and how one can skillfully harness it. 

The purpose of BodyGraphs

The human body tends to have various innate energies dictating our decision-making process. Most times, these energies can be highly inclined to neuroticism (experiencing negative emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, self-consciousness, etc.) when a person tends to work against these energies. 

A human design chart helps in interpreting and understanding these natural energies in a better way. It helps develop coordination between the mind and the body’s energy to work harmoniously. 

How does human design operate?

Human design operates on two aspects- Strategy and Authority. Finding one’s distinctive Strategy and Authority is the foremost step in understanding their innate nature. Throughout the process of human design, one’s ultimate aim is to be adept in Strategy and Authority. 

Once that level is achieved, new doorways are opened and aligned for the person. The doorways involve less resistance in their day-to-day activities.  For instance, one might feel a stronger bond in their relationships, excel in decision-making skills, improve their mental and physical health, or effectively manage their negative emotions.

Various types of Strategies 

A person’s strategy can be understood as how they choose to communicate with others. Based on the energies, every type has a different aura. This aura tends to get involved, engage, and uniquely communicate with others.

Check out the various types of Strategies. 

  • Generators– 70% of the population is generators. They are also known as builders, whose primary role is to respond to circumstances instead of initiating. These responses can include sounds, changes in body language, etc. They aid in knowing if that person is available to share their energy. When a generator is in a situation where they have to initiate, they can feel immensely dissatisfied and drained. 
  • Projectors– 20% of the population is projectors. They are recognized as a blessing in most people’s lives. Their strategy is to sit tight until appreciation and recognition. Projectors tend to be focused, open, and vulnerable. Thus, allowing them to observe people on a deeper level. 
  • Manifestors– 9% of the population are manifestors. They are also known as initiative catalysts, as their strategy is to inform their close ones about their decision-making beforehand. Manifestors also play a significant role in other types’ lives. They are known to provide a life with less resistance to their companions. 
  • Reflectors– Only 1% of the population are reflectors. They tend to have a unique take on everything. They see life in a way no one else can imagine. Their strategy is to analyze the aura around them and reflect or mirror the same aura. They tend to intensify every possible energy around them. 


Human design charts can be an excellent way to know one’s true self. In addition to knowing one’s strategy, one must also recognize their authority. Types of Authority include emotional, sacral, self-projected, splenic, ego, and many more. By analyzing the two aspects carefully, one can easily tread the path of a life with less overwhelmingness. 

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