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Everyday Carry for Safety

We might never know what lurks in the dark corners. You might be casually strolling in a park only to encounter people with malicious intent. Things can quickly escalate if you receive some personal injuries. It is why many civilians now choose to carry small guns for concealment.

Aside from that, you also cannot foretell meeting individuals that might dislike you. It will be a challenging task to defend yourself if a situation calls for it. A gun will help you turn the tables or give you an edge during a fight. 

Basics of Purchasing a Gun

Are you searching for a gun you can equip and hide easily? Then this article is right for you! We will cover some of the basics if you want to buy your first gun. Let us remind you that everything about guns and weaponry is somehow technical. Nevertheless, being knowledgeable about some details can lead to a quick purchase. 

In some newbie situations, they might see similar gun models in structure. For example, if you wonder which is better between the famous Makarov pistol and the M1911, it is all about your purpose. Several new pistol models from Glock, Sig Sauer, and other manufacturers can meet your preferences. New self-defense guns pack a great punch with great ergonomics and crucial characteristics.

The first thing you need to consider about your first gun is ammo caliber. A gun’s ammo caliber is the diameter of its bullet. A larger caliber requires a larger barrel diameter and cartridge size.

You will gain more stopping power with a larger caliber since it uses more powder for propelling your bullet towards a target. On the other hand, a small-caliber gun has less recoil, does not require a large structure, and is easy to conceal.

The cartridge has four parts: the bullet, primer, casing, and powder. Once your gun’s hammer strikes the primer, it will ignite the powder. As a result, a small explosion will occur inside the chambers of your firearm, propelling your bullet forward. The extra forces from the blast either go into your slide or affect you as a recoil. 

We recommend getting firearms that fit your palm for people wanting to buy a pistol for concealed carry. You can also consider the model and caliber that a gun uses. Another factor is a gun’s slim profile. Combining its caliber, size, and width will make it easy to choose a weapon for your protection. 

Tips for Choosing an Everyday Carry for Safety

Aside from the caliber, size, and profile – there are other details about purchasing a gun. Some gun shops might immediately offer a model you like. However, you might opt for a weapon that is already available. No matter the case, here are some additional tips for choosing a gun for every carry. 


The weight of a gun is essential during a self-defense scenario. Do you often wonder why specialists select shorter barrel assault rifles and SMGs during a CQC situation? Maneuvering a gun into tight corners is a difficult task, along with its weight. It is why many manufacturers reduce the size of firearms to minimize the total burden of a shooter. 

Remember that having a lighter gun is more effective in self-defense situations since they are easy to draw and carry around. The only trade-off might be your gun’s magazine capacity, power, and range. 

Ammo Availability

Having a gun is worthless if you do not have enough ammunition. Today, many firearm manufacturers produce ammo by caliber standards. It is better to select a personal defense firearm with many bullet sources. You don’t want to run out of ammunition if a scenario calls for it. 

Brand Quality

In the weapon industry, the brand of a gun or weapon equates to the product’s reliability and efficiency. You will want to buy a gun from a weapon manufacturer with many years of experience. It means that their products are robust and won’t fail during trouble. Furthermore, reputable gun makers know about all the requests and improvements they can make with every gun in their stores. 


We cannot foretell the kind of threat we might encounter next. It is why many people choose to carry guns for self-defense. However, selecting a gun is not an easy task. Before purchasing your first self-defense gun, you want to consider its size, weight, and ammo caliber.

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