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Escape Rooms For Online Team Building

by Kevin Bellah

Since their inception over a decade ago, escape room games have continued to grow throughout the world, both in the number of venues and in popularity. Today there’s not a city without an escape room business. Though the public is in love with the gameplay, we’re seeing increasing numbers of businesses turn to escape rooms for team building exercises. When you examine their reasoning you’ll find that escape rooms and a group of work colleagues are a match made in team building heaven. 

In many businesses, it’s easy for an employee to feel insignificant, with many of today’s jobs lacking in both significance and any sort of creativity. There’s a feeling that their voice doesn’t count. After all, if everyone is replaceable, then what’s the importance of the individual employee? If productivity is important to a business there are a couple of ways it can be improved. The first is simply pointing a big gun at the employees and demanding more. Maybe not an actual gun, but a threat. It works. Though the workplace ambiance it creates will contain nothing but negatives. You could achieve the same increase in productivity by creating a happier and more personable workplace, where each person feels valued and respected. Toyota makes the world’s greatest trucks. This is because of a management style that encourages every worker to have a voice in the production process. This leads to fewer mistakes and better quality, along with faster productivity. In other words, everyone wins. Another means of helping towards achieving the same results are via team-building exercises. 

First, let’s take a moment to think about what team building hopes to achieve. Since company management is almost a science, combining group psychology and behavior studies, it should come as no surprise that company team building is now commonplace and regarded as a good investment. The general idea is to find a group activity that’ll help employees work together as one cohesive unit. The saying “None of us is as smart as all of us” sums up why encouraging people to work together is so important. That’s where escape room games come into play. Taking individuals who work together, locking them up, and then have them race against a clock to solve puzzles and find clues, will encourage individual thinking, communication, and new ways of problem-solving. Because some people are more visually aware and some more logical, it’ll give each person the chance to shine and contribute towards the final result. If a team needs to work out how to escape an oncoming zombie invasion within a limited time frame, then in some ways they are forced to work together. This involves clear communication, a willingness to try new things, listening to each other, and allowing everyone to express themselves. 

During these times of Covid safe distancing, there’s no need to go to a real brick and mortar escape room. At ExitTheRoom you can happily play online from anywhere in the world. We have a real room with a games master inside. You can see him and give him instructions via your portable devices or PCs. Once you have been told the back story of your escape room game, then you’ll find the whole experience both immersive and realistic. Being invested in the game will give you sweaty palms and a racing pulse as the clock counts down the final minutes.

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