9 netflix tricks you really should know by now

9 Netflix TRICKS You Really Should Know By Now

Netflix stands out among the most popular streaming services globally due to its different membership plans, offline playback feature, original programs, etc. It’s also easy to register and start enjoying your favorite series.  While you can enjoy Netflix services without advanced know-how, there are a few tricks to improve the experience. Read on and discover…

Thieves suck – check out this lightweight anti-theft backpack 

Thieves Suck – Check Out This Lightweight Anti-Theft Backpack 

A decade-long passion for product design, travel, and Tesla, has birthed the Cyberbackpack. These folks are on a mission to inspire and empower people to go places while leaving a positive impact on the planet. Forged from a single sheet of water-resistant carbon fiber, the Cyberbackpack has an expandable capacity of up to 50%, anti-theft pockets…

Things to look for when choosing an escape room for a fun weekend 

Things to Look for When Choosing an Escape Room for a Fun Weekend 

As per reports, the population of Columbus, Ohio, has shown a growth of approximately 17 percent since 2010. As the number of people grows, their demand for weekend entertainment grows. Are you searching for something fun to do this weekend? Why not try an escape room! These interactive games are an excellent way to spend…

In case you needed a list confirming that reylo is canon

In Case You Needed a List Confirming that Reylo is Canon

It’s scary that you can warp the ending of an entire franchise with enough social media followers. That one carefully concocted headline can mislead an entire fandom and beyond. If words can be twisted, it isn’t hard to bend them. Unfortunately, people out there who dislike events and “pairings” in franchises, TV shows, movies, etc….