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Does Climate Change Present a Significant Economic Opportunity?

by Alan Daniel

Yes. Yes it does. At least that is what more of the experts are saying today.

The short answer is, climate change does create an amazing opportunity for a change in behaviors. A shift in behaviors, voluntarily, means that businesses and individuals are taking different actions because it is sustainable overall.

Individuals within the private sector, specifically those who have been involved in high growth firms, such as those like John Doerr, think that they have solutions for the current climate change situation.

They want to look at ways to solve these climate problems and capture a portion of the value that they generate from these businesses. But people like John Doerr, think that the climate crisis could be as large of an opportunity as the rise of internet technology companies in the late 1990s.

That is saying quite a bit. You have seen how technology companies ranging from Snapchat to Facebook and a host of other firms such as Uber and more have come on to the scene relatively recently. Still, they have made a significant impact on society and have provided a significant increase in wealth to many different parties. From the operators of the business to investors, we see how many people have benefitted from the rise of Amazon and other technology companies.

Climate Crisis Equals Opportunity?

First, the question is if there is a climate crisis. If you hear one thing repeated over and over, where many people start to believe it, is it the truth? Not necessarily. There are those that say that climate change has always been present on the Earth as evidenced by the various extinction events.

But remember pushing for clean energy, better processes, and preserving the Earth and its resources has merit. Indeed, pushing for a higher quality of life and preserving resources for future generations is critical.

We all live within one world. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are fighting to make sure that humans are an interplanetary species. While they are fighting to do so and helping to create a form of redundancy, it is essential to take other actions that will preserve the planet Earth.

After all, the Earth is the only planet that we know that has these amazing conditions that contribute to our current quality of life. Now, shifting from unsustainable activities and industries to more sustainable ones is a significant shift.

It would require change in consumption (ICE to EV) and in the generation of power (fossil fuel to nuclear).

It is no wonder why people like Doerr, who had an influence on Google and other firms, are thinking about this matter deeply. Doerr recently published a book called “ “Speed & Scale: An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now.”

Doerr believes that leaning in to climate change solutions can bring about an immense amount of jobs, a cleaner economy, and a more sustainable world. Indeed, entrepreneurs like Musk, Bezos, and others are already thinking about this type of change with their recent endeavors. 

Corporations are slowly taking notice and implementing sustainability into their operations. Whether it is adding EV vehicles to the lineup or using different processes to minimize a carbon footprint, more firms are focusing on sustainability and governance.

Doerr’s Book and How Significant Leaders Pledge to Take More Action

We are all hearing about how leaders at large multinational firms have pledged to lower their carbon footprint. At the same time, these leaders are also noting that they see more investment in activities that contribute to increased sustainability. These leaders also see investments in high growth startups that focus on everything from carbon capture to agriculture.

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