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Devcom Creates High-Quality Software for Companies Working in the Construction Industry

As a leading software development company specializing in creating compelling software solutions for the construction industry, Devcom has been successfully providing construction software development services for a long time. Experienced developers create their construction reporting systems, which many construction companies successfully use. Devcom has unique knowledge; employees have technical competence and experience creating their construction products. They also know the tools and technologies used in this field: artificial intelligence and machine learning, working with data, and cloud solutions; construction software development services provide the opportunity for the client to receive created modern software with complex business logic and practical solutions. The scope of Devcom is also the optimization, modernization, and integration of building systems, as well as working with large data sets. By providing comprehensive services, Devcom increases its clients’ competitiveness and business value. Narrow specialization, flexible methodologies, and well-coordinated processes allow cooperation between traditional institutions and technological startups. Project teams are the perfect complement to IT departments. With discipline and technical expertise, Devcom provides you with additional knowledge and support at every stage of software development for the construction industry. Managers form coherent development processes; you get the necessary knowledge and experience.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, devcom creates high-quality software for companies working in the construction industry, business

Development of specialized software for construction companies

Devcom specializes in developing and implementing specialized software for construction companies under individual customer orders. They create specialized software from scratch to meet customers’ individual needs based on a detailed analysis of goals and adaptation to already used IT systems. By creating software for construction companies, Devcom has gained a lot of experience and analytical competence in this industry, so it can, in a short period, make a high-quality, new software product that will perform all the functions assigned to it. The service offer is based on the following:

  • Providing the client with a team of developers;
  • Development of software for the construction industry – implementation of a specific software task (creation of a program or part of it) at the customer’s order;
  • The software implementation process – installation, configuration of the software, and training of users in the locations specified by the customer;
  • Software testing process – testing the program created for the client;
  • IT infrastructure management – comprehensive management of the client environment by Devcom engineers.

Why you should entrust Devcom with the development of your software for the construction industry:

  • An experienced team of developers from various technologies is available;
  • Certified specialists with extensive work experience in this type of project;
  • Knowledge of how to minimize project risks.

Data management

Devcom has been processing and managing data for its clients for many years. Their services effectively help you take care of your data and its quality. You get full technical support. The employees have extensive experience implementing many products that perform data protection functions. It provides emergency recovery of your data in on-premises and cloud environments. You can get various services related to integrating building systems, applications, or data, the purpose of which is to improve the efficiency of business processes. Devcom offers optimization of building systems without radical organizational and structural changes. They do this by selecting and making good use of available hardware and software resources and optimizing the database, including adjusting the application architecture and SQL code. You will be offered support in the data migration processes between systems, ensuring data security, completeness of transfer, continuity of access to systems, and verification of the correctness of the process. Blockchain technology is increasingly used in data management projects, which is used to store and transmit data about transactions concluded on the Internet. Blockchain is revolutionizing the way transactions are completed, settled, and held. This fully protected technology is resistant to forgery and all kinds of manipulations; transactions recorded in the blockchain are irreversible. Clients receive a flexible IT infrastructure (cloud storage, server, matrix, and backup) that provides easy access to construction data and optimization of daily operations of the construction company. Based on Devcom software, effective online data replication systems are created for local, cloud, and hybrid databases. There are proposals for specialized and optimal solutions that will be maximally adapted to the current IT infrastructure of the client’s construction company, thus ensuring long-term protection and security of investments. Devcom offers various construction companies a wide range of functional and innovative IT infrastructure solutions.

The reliability and scalability of the solutions provided by Devcom

Experienced specialists offer exclusively professional IT solutions that suit your specific needs. As one of the few IT companies, Devcom has significant experience providing effective software development services for construction and solutions based on functional programming. The created software is characterized by high reliability and scalability. Devcom’s benefits do not end with software development – the team also monitors its operation, provides system maintenance services, and develops them according to the client’s needs. They offer a range of IT services, from requirements analysis to the maintenance of the created system:

  • Analysis of customer needs and requirements for construction software;
  • Modeling of business processes of software for construction;
  • Development of the technical task;
  • IT system architecture design;
  • Creation of technical documentation intended for users;
  • Software quality control;
  • Testing of software created at Devcom;
  • Implementation of the developed system;
  • Software implementation;
  • System administration, maintenance, and monitoring.

A profitable offer to create custom construction software according to the individual needs of the client

Devcom offers you a profitable opportunity to use the service of creating custom construction software to improve the functionality of your system. It is a comprehensive service with great features; you get specialized software built entirely according to your requirements to meet your needs as much as possible. Professional development provides complete solutions that can be better adapted to the requirements of a specific client. Because the software code is unique, more secure, and independent, it is not an open-source solution; your software product is much easier to extend and change. Of course, if the customer wants to create software based on one of the well-known open-source solutions, Devcom is happy to take on such a task. An experienced team of employees can also adapt such systems to the customer’s specific requirements. This is sometimes a wrong decision, especially with a limited budget. The customer decides, and Devcom provides assistance and advice based on knowledge and many years of experience in this field.

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