Echelon graphic novels partners with platinum studios to bring diverse voices and stories to the world of comic book film adaptations

Echelon Graphic Novels Partners with Platinum Studios to Bring Diverse Voices and Stories to the World of Comic Book Film Adaptations

September 2, 2020 — Los Angeles Independent publishing company Echelon Graphic Novels has inked a development deal with Platinum Studios, Inc., a comic book-based entertainment company controlling a library of thousands of comic characters. The multi-year agreement entitles Platinum to develop the properties into entertainment franchises for theatrical release, TV/streaming, and merchandising. Producing such developments…

Florida man – the graphic novel by mike baron

Florida Man – The Graphic Novel by Mike Baron

As if Florida Man itself wasn’t absurdly funny by nature of being notoriously strange and unusual, downright ridiculous or blatantly outrageous, Eisner winning writer Mike Baron and artist, Todd Mulrooney has adapted one of Baron’s best-selling books into a graphic novel. Baron has authored comic books for the Marvel and DC universe that include The…

Terraform comics is conquering the world and changing the landscape of comics

Terraform Comics is Conquering the World and Changing the Landscape of Comics

Press Release Independent comic books have had a longstanding reputation of being a vanity press or sub-par quality, but times are changing and Terraform Comics is coming to the forefront to push back on the negative connotations within the comic book industry. This team strives to develop and launch high quality single-shot books, miniseries, ongoing…

Meet preston poulter of pocket jacks comics | geek out virtual con

Meet Preston Poulter of Pocket Jacks Comics | Geek Out Virtual Con

Preston Poulter publishes comics books under his publishing imprint, Pocket Jacks Comics. He has produced seven books so far over two titles: White Lily White Lily the historical story of the two deadliest female fighter pilots who ever lived, and the only two women to ever earn the title of “Ace” fighter pilot. Guinevere and…

Meet bryan silverbax, comic book artist | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Bryan SilverBaX, Comic Book Artist | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Bryan SilverBaX is an artist from Marietta, GA. He has created well over 300 graphic designs with his work featured on many websites. Through his work, he’s been able to network with people and has created branded celebrity design work for people like Danny Trejo. In 2015 he started working with Upper Deck and Topps…

Meet steve kurtzke from the underpresence | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Steve Kurtzke from The Underpresence | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Steve Kurtzke is a paranormal investigator and tech expert of the paranormal investigative show, The Underpresence. He’s the guru behind the gear and his arsenal of ghost hunting equipment is ever growing. His super high-tech equipment includes EMF meters, thermal cameras, a “spirit box,” EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recorders, laser equipment, and some old-school dowsing…

Meet author j. Steven young | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Author J. Steven Young | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Author J. Steven Young shares adventurous and imaginative observations on life across multiple genres, including children’s activity books, young adult, and fantasy. Be sure to follow J. Steven Young on social media and his profiles on Amazon and Goodreads. Some of his titles include: Trumpery Resistance, Hashtag Magic, and Gus the Garden Dragon Follow J….

Meet daniel kalban, american dreams comic | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Daniel Kalban, American Dreams Comic | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, Daniel Kalban first fell in love with comics the way many of us first do: their animated adventures on television. When his father handed down his own comics from the silver age, Daniel was hooked. The road to becoming a comic writer actually began in college when Daniel…

Meet rick stafford, the true aquaman | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Rick Stafford, The True Aquaman | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Rick Stafford, known as The True Aquaman, has been on the professional cosplay circuit, attending comic cons and events all around the world. From Loss to Light What you may not know about Rick Stafford is that he began his cosplay journey began in his youth, dressing up in character for holidays and special events….