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Client Reporting Can Be Engaging and Informative

Whether you are performing search engine marketing, search engine optimization, or other general marketing endeavors on behalf of your client, you must make sure to keep them in the loop.

After all, your clients are entrusting you with their dollars to help grow their business and help them reach new heights. They want to hear from you and want to know how your marketing efforts and digital activities are going.

But they also do not want to be bored by your efforts and client reports. Remember that your clients have other items on their agenda. They want to make sure that they can trust you and your efforts to grow their business.

So how do you create client reports that matter to your clients? The answer is simple, here is what you need to know about client reports and keeping them as engaging as possible.

Client Reporting: A Primer

Client reporting is critical for agencies of all types. Whether you are conducting client reporting in regard to digital marketing for cloud management, client reporting will play a crucial role in relationship management. Your clients do not need to know everything that is taking place in your activities, they merely need the highlights and to see how it translates to their company objectives.

They merely want to know about the various developments in the current endeavor and the different roadblocks to meeting their goals.

What does a client report have?

Well, you will notice that a client report will have key performance indicators, current refinements, potential initial targets, and the various tactics utilized to meet objectives.

Now, we know why client reporting is essential and have done a deep dive into this matter. In addition to transparency, client reporting enables full view into the nature of the situation and enables clients to have more peace of mind. The more that you are able to show your value through metrics, statistics, and clean data, the more the client realizes that you mean well.

But what do you not like about client reporting? Well, what you do not like about client reporting is the fact that it requires quite a bit of time, labor, and effort. Did you know that client reporting can even bring about quite a bit of expenses? These initiatives do not add more value to your agency because it requires additional non billable time.

But thankfully, you can simplify it, here’s how.

Focus on Two Ways

Pay Per Sale Client Reporting

Many clients want to go ahead and pay in a pay per sale model. Why do they want to do that? They want to make sure that they are paying for the right leads instead of paying for the extra fat. They have a lean approach to their marketing. So these models are where your agency gets paid once conversions or leads start to arrive.

When you are conducting reporting, it is essential to focus on the level of conversions that your agency nets and associated potential revenue it could bring in.

The Leads Report

This one is straightforward. You will look at the total leads that you bring in and will make sure to list them out in a report. But make sure to focus on the names and present them in the list. Do not just show the number of leads but the names and the emails and relevant information. If you break it down further, your clients will see that real people are coming in.


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