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More about Brian K. Morris

Brian K. Morris is an independent publisher,  freelance hybrid author, award-winning playwright, and former mortician’s assistant. He hosts Nevermind the Furthermore on Facebook and YouTube, and his weekly show Clever Title Pending is now available on The Geek Insider Podcast and available on your favorite podcast listening app.

Season 5

Star Cross Comics. Meet Luke Stone, Bill Raupp & Ken Keller

Meet members of Star Cross Comics

Luke Stone is the former Project Manager at Star Cross Comics and creator of HYBRIDS – The Sons of Gods. 

Bill Raupp is the Marketing Director and creator behind Tribulation Task Force. 

Ken Keller is the creator behind Red Talon. 

Luke, Bill, and Ken speak candidly about their projects, faith, and how it’s directed their path in life, creativity and comic books.

Meet Authors Teresa Dunn & Rick Bradley

Meet authors Teresa Dunn and Rick Bradley

Rick Bradley has written “The Marble” a story within The Nightmare Collective, an anthology of tales that will make your skin crawl.

Brian K. Morris interviews first-time authors in their respective books and gets some insight into their journey.

Teresa Dunn is the author of Poetry Expressions an inspirational collection of poetry expressions about strength, courage, and love.

Meet Authors Cindy Koepp & Charles F. Millhouse


Cindy Koepp writes Science Fiction, Game Lit., Fantasy, short stories and some educator resources. and more.  

Charles F. Millhouse is the author of 22 books. In 2012 Charles published the first of his highly successful new pulp series, Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates. He’s very active on Facebook and please subscribe to his newsletter as well at Stormgate Press!

An Open Dialogue with Karl, Luke & Meredith

Imposter Syndrome. We all deal with it in one capacity or another. Sometimes we feel like we don’t deserve the accolades of our work. WHY? 

Luke Stone of Luke Stone Studios, Karl Witsman, writer and humorist, and Meredith Loughran, content creator open up about their experience and how to overcome the voice of doubt.

Meet Writer & Artist, Ted Davies

Connect with Ted Davies

Be sure to connect to Ted Davies on his website for the latest news and information about his projects.

Meet Best-Selling Romance Author, Amy Hale

Connect with Amy Hale 

Be sure to connect to Amy Hale on her website for the latest news and information about her latest books releases and appearances.

Faith and Writing. Special guest authors, Cathy Jackson, David E. Adkins and Tyron ‘Tony’ Reed Jr.

Faith is very important, especially in difficult times. However, it doesn’t always translate well into one’s creative ventures. Some readers seek out faith-based work while others run from it.

Our special guest authors, Cathy Jackson, David E. Adkins and Tyrone ‘Tony’ Reed Jr. explore the importance of faith in one’s writing. Does it influence the work or is it best to stay away from it?

Meet Authors Bobby Nash and Charles F. Millhouse

If you love reading adventure, you are probably a fan of both Bobby Nash and Charles F. Millhouse. If you aren’t, you should be. Both have long-running series books in a variety of genres and tonight’s your chance to pick their brains about what it takes to succeed in today’s writing market.

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