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CircuitMess Launches Batmobile STEM Kit Kickstarter

Alright everyone, most of you know that we’re a bit picky when it comes to giving a shoutout to new Kickstart campaigns but this one was an easy decision… it’s freakin BATMAN.

And everyone around here knows how much I LOVE Batman and there’s a few more reasons why I’m excited about this one.

Second… the Batmobile STEM Kit is packed with some sweet, sweet features as you’ll see below.

Third… this is from CircuitMess and they’ve already had FOUR successful startup campaigns.

Fourth… they partnered up with Warner Brothers Consumer Division to license and launch this beauty.

Check out the press release below and then get over to their Kickstarter campaign to see more and get it for a special price ($99 vs $169 retail)

Designed for kids ages 7+ (and adults that are kids at heart)

CircuitMess Batmobile™ teaches users about microcomputers, electronics, and programming, transmits live video to your Controller, lights up, plays badass sounds and so much more. The real deal, this Batmobile kit was designed in partnership with Warner Brothers Consumer Products division and is available for a discounted pre-order price for a limited time on Kickstarter.

The CircuitMess Batmobile STEM kit is available on Kickstarter for $99 ($169 retail) and includes: 

    • 1 DIY CircuitMess Batmobile, featuring:
    • Camera 📷
    • Dual-core processor 🧠
    • Rechargeable battery ⚡
    • Four metal gearmotors 💪
    • Speaker 🔊
    • WiFi 📻
    • Lots of kick-ass LEDs 💡
    • and more other smart electronics 🤖
  • 1 DIY CircuitMess Controller


I told you it’s sweet! So, my fellow Geeks, while you have a bit of time to back their Kickstarter and get your hands on this for a FANTASTIC price, we all know how important it is to get a decent amount of backers within the first 48 hours. Lets how them just how many Batman fans are out here and help get this launched with the “umph” it deserves.

And no, I wasn’t paid to do this article. LOL

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