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Cards, the Universe and Everything: Review & Exclusive Swag

by Matthew Harris

Not only is Avid Games’ new Cards, the Universe and Everything (CUE) a fun game that trading card game (TCG) fans are going to love, it’s one that parents can get behind as well.

If you’ve ever played Hearthstone online or the physical trading card game Magic the Gathering, you’ll be very familiar with one of the underlying strategies of CUE, but from there this game takes a style all its own. Instead of Golemaggs, Scorch Cannons, Tarmogoyfs, and Mana, CUE offers real life people, cool places, and odd things along with Power & Energy in order to do battle.

Ever wondered who would come out best if a wombat battled it out against Marie Curie? 

What about a baboon versus a triceratops? 

The Empire State Building vs the Milky Way? (Not the chocolate bar, that would be silly.)

Then look no further!

CUE Cards (Cards, the Universe and Everything) is a card-collecting and battling game that features a bit of everything from across our universe!

And Geek Insider not only has the inside details, we’ve got an exclusive Geek Insider CUE code that will give you some SWEET loot to get started. And it’s NOT just limited to new users. 

Keep reading to grab that exclusive deal, plus a few other codes I came across, and everything you need to know about Cards, the Universe and Everything.


Why Parents Will Love Cards, the Universe and Everything

When I first came across CUE, I was immediately taken with the approach Avid Entertainment is taking to the card-collecting/battle game genre. Sure, it works pretty much like battle card games past and present but as I said above, your “army” for these battles is quite different. However, there’s another aspect to this game that impressed me.

It’s Avid’s use of the BACKS of the cards.

Cards the universe and everything

Not only are you battling with Asteroids and Brachiosauruses, you learn a few facts about them along with some funny one-liners and quips on many of the cards.

While the Energy and Power attributes are extremely important, as players collect the cards in each collection they are almost guaranteed to learn something new. Such as:

  • Grizzly bears can stand up to 8 feet tall and weigh over 800 pounds.
  • Asteroids can be made from rock or metal.
  • Most deaths from Scorpion Fish stings are due to allergies from the venom that triggers anaphylactic shock.
  • Border Collies can supposedly learn a new command in under 5 seconds.
  • The Megalodon is believed to have reached up to 70 feet in length – as long as THREE Great White sharks.
  • Urns in Ancient Greece had a multitude of uses, from food and drink storage to ritual artifacts.
  • And literally hundreds and hundreds more.

Furthermore, though you can indeed purchase additional coins and gems, players earn coins in battles and gems can be won in the 3-times daily Reward Spinner and each can be used for additional pack purchases.

Invite your friends in-game and get 100 gems and 2 cards for every one that joins.

However, new cards are released daily… so pick and choose which ones you drop your hard earned bounties on. 

Especially since there’s the ability to trade cards.

That’s right, in Basecamp you can post which cards you are looking for and other players will make offers on them, or you can post your extras for trade yourself. Either way, Basecamp is a great place to work on completing your collections.


Why Players Love CUE

Not only are there plenty of categories with multiple cards to collect in each, many with varying attributes that come in super handy during Battle, there are also multiple levels of collectible cards. With cards spanning from Common and Rare to Epic and Legendary, there are numerous combinations to build decks with.

Speaking of attributes, there are cards that will give you extra Energy throughout the remainder of the battle and ones that will Power up your cards in play with additional strength. Once again giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the 10-deck availability and build various decks with different powers and skills.

The addition of new cards on a consistent basis gives CUE a daily boost of collecting craze and offers even more opportunities for deck building. Trust me, it can get rather frustrating trying to chase down 15 copies of Biomass in order to have enough to create the Fusion Power card, so it’s nice to have other things to chase down in the meantime.

Just use your Gems and Coins wisely, you never know when a new card that you have to have will be released and unless you have a good selection of extra cards to trade with, it might take you awhile to add it to your collection.

CUE Game Play

Building your perfect deck is a lot more fun on CUE because you can have up to 10 different decks. That being said, it can take a bit of time and practice to come up with the right combinations.

Pro Tip – You MUST have Energy! Make sure your deck has plenty of cards that reward you with extra energy. Especially those that provide it through the end of the game. However, don’t overdo it. You also need a few high Power cards in order to strike hard.

Games are 5 Rounds, with 3 battles in each Round. The first to win 3 Rounds wins the game. Additionally, each round gives a specific set of cards extra Power. So while you may have a GREAT deck built around the Space themes, you’re likely to get clobbered in the History or Life on Land rounds.

Another Pro Tip – Don’t always go for the kill right off. Sometimes it makes sense to hold back and save your Energy for the next Round.

Cue golden gate bridge Cue poison dart frog

The Beautiful

Ready to get started playing Cards, the Universe and Everything? Already a Player and need an influx of Gems, Coins, and a couple of cards?

Geek Insider has you covered!

Geek insider exclusive cue code

And this isn’t some simple code that just gives you a few Coins. No, this exclusive Geek Insider code will give you a pack containing 2 cards (Epic or better), 200 Gems and 20,000 Coins.

That’s right, YOU get a HUGE benefit from our partnership with Avid Games and Cards, the Universe and Everything!

If you haven’t already done so, download the CUE app and follow the tutorial through to the home screen. 

Next, go to the Settings menu (three dots in the top right of the screen), then hit the big CUE Codes in the center. Type GeekInsider01 to claim your free Geek Insider exclusive pack!

Want some more freebies? Keep reading.

The Good

Like I said, the history lessons and tidbits are a nice bonus to the game and the fact that you can get plenty of cards without spending a dime is a huge plus for players and parents of young players alike. I played Hearthstone back in the early days of the game and I have to say, I enjoy CUE a lot more.

The ability to use some of your extra cards to perform Fusion in order to get an even more powerful “soldier” is also something that many players are sure to enjoy. There are also plenty of card categories, such as; Ocean Mammals, Constellations, Birds, Dogs, Ancient Greece Excellent Elements, and many more, giving the collectors among us hours upon hours of hunting pleasure.

New cards dropping every day is another aspect that will appeal to many players. Of course obtaining coins, gems and cards without having to break out the piggy bank is always nice, but for those that do wish to drop a few dollars on the game, Avid has made their packages extremely affordable. You can get enough Gems for most of the new cards for as little as 99 cents and you can use those to get Coins or for buying Packs outright.

Basecamp is extremely nice, I just wish more people were using it and it wasn’t so much of the same players over and over. However, that’s where your Friends feature can come in. After each Battle, you have to option to send or accept a Friend request and I suggest you add plenty of Players as you start.

Why? Because you can send Trade offers to them and don’t have to rely solely on Basecamp. This can be especially useful as you start out the game and Battle other low level players.

So in other words, there’s lots of ways to get your hands on the cards and plenty of ways to have fun hunting them down, building your decks, and finding out exactly what happens when King Tutankhamun pairs up with Ramses II to fight it out with a Grizzly Bear and an Amphicyon.

Now, if you’re new to CUE or you just haven’t came across these, there are a couple of codes I found that will give you some more goodies:

  • ITookTheHint = 20,000 Coins
  • SorryAboutTheGull = 10,000 Coins
  • RemberTheAlamosaurus = 5,000 Coins

Just enter in the code the same way described above for the exclusive Geek Insider CUE code and get 35,000 free coins that can be used to grab plenty of cards to get your collection and Battle decks started.

The Bad

CUE just launched this past December and just like with most any game these days, there are the occasional glitches. However, Avid Games has their Discord channel manned in #support and they seem to be pretty darn quick on jumping to fix those reported. So if you run across one, try to get a screen shot or recording and report it.

Another issue I thought should be addressed is the matching for Battles, Newbies are constantly paired up against high level Rangers or Seekers, leaving them little, if any, chance of winning. While I can understand the need to have a wide selection so that Players aren’t sitting for 15 minutes awaiting a match with someone around their level, pitting Rookies and Scouts against the top 300 players just isn’t a fair fight.

I also think that trading shouldn’t be limited to 3 cards. There are times, especially with Fusion cards, where what we are trading is worth quite a bit more than just 3 Legendaries. But then, that may just be me.

Lastly, I think Avid should implement a Trivia of sorts. Perhaps once a week a set of questions is pushed to each player, with the questions solely based on the cards that player currently owns. Get ‘em all correct, get an Epic or better card or a good reward of 500 Gems or something.

Just a thought, it’d definitely encourage Players to read the backs of the cards.

Sure, most of that is my own personal opinion but this is my article after all, so naturally it’s going to skew a bit LOL.

Get In the CUE

With everything above, especially the exclusive Geek Insider CUE code, you can have a LOT of fun with Cards, the Universe and Everything. Chatting in Discord can help you learn a lot, not to mention meeting other players and traders, and #support is almost always just a click away. 

The development team definitely has a sense of humor and while I’ve only been checking it out for right at a week now, so far I’ve been rather impressed with the types and abilities of the new cards. We have an interview coming up soon with a couple of the head honchos behind the CUE scenes, and you should definitely keep checking back here at Geek Insider and our recently revitalized YouTube channel as we have even more fun, giveaways, and exclusive deals for Geeks in the coming days and weeks.

AND… we’re spreading our wings even MORE and starting a Geek Insider Podcast in the very near future!

So stay tuned!

Now… download the CUE app, use the exclusive Geek Insider CUE code, and prepare to Battle!

BTW… you can find me under the username ThatGeekMatthew (naturally). If you’re new, add me and you just “might” get a Trade request that leans highly in your favor.


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