Can Tooth Decay Cause Other Health Problems?

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It’s not new to say that tooth decay is one of the leading dental issues many individuals have to face in their lives. An article published by Harvard Medical School disclosed that at least 1 out of 5 adults aged 65 and above are struggling with having untreated tooth decay.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence because it mainly develops by latching upon the food we eat and mingling with the other bacterias from the plaque that sticks to the teeth until the enamel gives in to a worse condition of cavities.

But you’re in luck because by looking up “healthy smiles Ocala,” you’d get several recommendations of clinics that could assist you in proper oral care. As most people don’t know, dental care is the window to other health problems.

How tooth decay endangers you

Typically, an individual would have an idea that they’re struggling with tooth decay once they’ve felt the familiar feeling of dull yet excruciating pain in a specific region of the teeth.

In an instance the decay had embedded itself, it would then spread throughout the nearest tooth and directly strike its nerve, making the person sensitive to cold or hot foods.

As time passed by, the pain would be more pronounced. At this point, you must make an appointment with your dentist to avoid the possibility of suffering from root canals.

Apart from this, having poor oral hygiene is usually associated with malnutrition brought by a poor diet. This is aggravated if you have an increase in starch and sugar consumption, which could, later on, hurt both your gums and teeth.

It won’t be too long until your general health would feel the drastic changes. Unfortunately, the risk of permanently losing your teeth and discomfort in chewing would be heightened, potentially escalating to either diabetes or any cardiovascular disease.

The Department of Health in Australia disclosed that their survey revealed that 17.4% of the Australian population avoid particular foods due to tooth decay issues. Not only that, but tooth decay could encourage the appearance of gum diseases that, if left untreated, could lead to the long-lasting destruction of the mouth’s soft tissues.

Surprisingly, this has a rare chance of spiraling to death.

Saving your smile

Lucky for you, encountering a severe case of tooth decay is usually avoidable!

In general, using an electric or traditional soft-bristled toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash are sure to do the job. Although your teeth brushing routine is critical, most dentists recommend you keep an eye on your diet.

It’s worth noting that following a balanced diet is a standard practice to ensure a great health status, especially in taking care of your gums and teeth.

It may seem impossible to avoid sugar entirely, but in truth, it’s an attainable goal as legitimate resources are abundant for this subject. Remember that sugary drinks or foods are the roots of the problem for many dental concerns.

If you occasionally indulge in sweets, it’s a nice routine to rinse your mouth using water or a trustworthy mouthwash to wash away the excess sugars. This is because complex carbohydrates are composed of starches, which are sticky and linger on the teeth even hours after you consume them.

Since plaque lives off starchy acids and sugars, having an effective way to remove the remnant of the food you eat could significantly maintain excellent oral health.

Granted that not everyone could strictly follow these guidelines, it’s still vital that people like yourself make it a lifestyle to preserve healthy gums and teeth.

Keep in mind that poor oral hygiene is dangerous to your holistic well-being, so if you’re not a fan of scary consequences, you should put oral care as one of your priorities!

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