Featured kickstarter: con*quest adventure journal- get your con on!

Featured Kickstarter: Con*Quest Adventure Journal- Get Your Con On!

Here at Geek Insider, we LOVE a good Kickstarter. There’s nothing like the feeling that comes with discovering a completely unique product, supporting its production, and ultimately being one of the first people on the planet to own one. Recently, I reviewed the Con*Quest Adventure Journal (a beautifully hand-crafted journal that serves as a place…

Sgdq: kicking off summer

SGDQ: Kicking Off Summer

Summer is coming. It doesn’t really have the same dramatic effect, does it? Oh, well. Although, technically speaking, summer is already here. The sun is hot, the sand is warm, the scent of barbeque drifts through the air, and nature is calling for us to journey outside. It’s a beautiful time. To play video games….

Markiplier redirects channel to original charity roots

Markiplier Redirects Channel to Original Charity Roots

Markiplier posted a vlog to his 2.5 million subscribers last week to give some brief updates and to address the recent communication between him and his expanding fanbase. For the past few weeks, Markiplier and his fans held open dialogues about the current direction of the channel, both in its content as well as its goals as a…

Introducing The SCiO, The Closest Thing to a Tricorder That Kickstarter Has to Offer.

A Kickstarter project is raising funds to create the world’s first molecular sensor that will be able fit into the palm of your hand. Israel based company Consumer Physics inc. has created a handheld device that will scan materials or physical objects and relay the information to your Smartphone. The pocket molecular sensor has been…

Smartphone battery prototype can be charged in 30 seconds

Smartphone Battery Prototype Can Be Charged in 30 Seconds

Ever thought you plugged the phone into the charger, and then gone to grab it on the way out of the house and found it unplugged and totally dead? Whether your battery problems are due to forgetfulness or the pesky household poltergeist, they have undoubtedly annoyed and inconvenienced you on more than one occasion. Thankfully,…

Multi-screen pcs get portable with oscar high-res screen adapter

Multi-Screen PCs Get Portable with OSCAR High-Res Screen Adapter

If you’re involved with video editing, digital art, coding, or just love PC gaming, you’ve probably experienced first hand how helpful having multiple screens can be. A bigger display means better multi-tasking, more desktop to work with, and easier access to multiple windows. You’ll also know how important it is for a screen’s quality to…