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Best Practices Level Up Your Visual Identity On Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world today. Every person and business can use this platform to level up their visual identities. It is one of the best places you can use to build your visual identity.

In addition, you can use Instagram to connect with your followers and potential clients on a personal level. This platform can help businesses and personal accounts expand their reach and communicate with their followers and customers.

A visual identity revolves around the look and feel of your brand on social media. You can use Instagram to strengthen your visual identity and look more professional. Here are some best practices to level up your visual identity on Instagram;

Outstanding Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is among the first things that people look at when they visit your Instagram profile. It is found at the top of your page with a count for followers, posts, and your username.

To create an outstanding Instagram bio that levels up your visual identity, you need to ensure that your bio is simple to understand. For instance, you should avoid things such as emojis and heavy words. In addition, use a few words to talk about what you do.

This does not mean that you should not talk about yourself or your business. Make sure that your profile visitors understand who you are and what you are involved in. Your values and missions should be presented concisely. This will also help boost your following.

Authenticity and Unified Aesthetics

You need to ensure that your visual identity on Instagram shows what you do as well as the message that you want to pass. To do this, your content should relate to your business and you should not look like you are forcing people to like you.

This can be done through storytelling and the use of comics. Through storytelling, you can get your followers excited and ready to share your content. You can even attract more followers and clients for your business.

For instance, you can post a few pictures of a regular day in the office. This helps show that your brand has a human side. You should not always share professional photos that show that you are serious all the time. This is important for your visual identity.

Make Use of Instagram Feed

Your first impression on Instagram can attract or push away customers. You, therefore, need to come up with effective ways of using your Instagram feed to level up your visual identity and attract followers who can turn into customers.

The design of your Instagram feed should help you make a lasting first impression. Most people think that their Instagram posts will be viewed individually. However, you need strategies that make the entire feed beautiful.

This means that you should have a plan for your content before you even share it. If, for instance, you have a picture that you need to share, get relevant hashtags and catchy images that fit well with the visual identity of your feed.

Shareable and Eye-Catching Content

You do not need content that just makes your feed look good. You need to ensure that you have content that your followers can share. For instance, when sharing photos, you can edit them to make them better.

For instance, this background remover from BeFunky removes backgrounds from your photos to help you get rid of the poor ones and anything else you do not want on your photos. This helps you pay attention to every detail of your content.

You can also use Instagram post templates to make your content visually appealing. This comes in handy when creating unified styles for your content.

Be Consistent

Creativity is crucial when leveling up your visual identity on Instagram. However, you not only need to be creative but also consistent. Remaining consistent means that your visual identity will remain on the feeds of your customers regularly.

It also means that they will have that picture on their minds most of the time, something that is important for your visual identity. Note that a single viral post will not help build your visual identity if you cannot ride on its success.

In addition to being consistent, you need to use Instagram stories effectively. Your followers love posting, watching, and sharing stories. You can use stories to talk about your business and improve your visual identity.

These are some of the best practices you need to follow when leveling up your visual identity on Instagram. They will help your brand stand out from the rest.

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