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Best Gadgets For Betting On Sports

With online betting the norm these days, it’s important for sports betting punters to have a good armory when it comes to the latest technology and gadgets.

From the latest apps to the newest mobiles, you need to have a good selection of modern tech if you want to get your bet on quickly as well as getting your hands on a range of free bets that are regularly given out by bookmakers. 

Of course, there’s an element of luck when it comes to placing any bet on sport, whether that be a free bet or in cash. After all, the odds are created to be in the bookies favour, but a bit of technology can certainly go a long way to putting you on the road to a winning bet.

Here are our top three gadgets to get before placing your next bet on the footy, horses or even eSports.

1. Tablet or Smartphone

If you are venturing into the world of online betting without the use of a smartphone or tablet, then quite simply, you’re going to be well behind the pace.

Not only will it allow you to have a whole host of information to help you with your betting selections, but you’ll be able to have that info on the go.

So, whether you’re having a day at the races or an afternoon at the match, you’ll still be able to access your betting app, regardless of your location.

Pretty much every sports bookmaker in the UK has a betting app available these days, and with industry info on apps from the Racing Post or Attheraces, you can get expert tips and betting odds at your fingertips.

2.  Printer Stopwatch

With some much information now available through apps and websites, getting an extra edge is vital to any sports betting punter.

For many, this can be through hearing private info from behind the scenes, but to really get ahead, especially in horse racing, then a printer stopwatch is a great purchase to make.

Rather than just making your own predictions or guesses, the stopwatch can help you backup your thoughts with some facts. With this handy device, you are able to log speeds and timing, which will then turn into printed data records, which you can use to help form a betting opinion.

For example, if a horse A is the 2/1 favourite, but horse B was significantly quicker over two miles last time yet is 5/1, your data would suggest that the 5/1 shot is a better bet to make.

Of course, the printer stopwatch won’t tell the whole story, especially in a jumps race, so although we wouldn’t suggest always relying on it to show you the full picture, it is still worth gathering the information nonetheless.

3. Biorhythm Calculator

Everybody has their own theories and strategies on how to win or even make a career out of sports betting. Some show a long-term success rate, while others are nothing more than a run of good luck.

Whatever your view, there is always some element of luck required, especially in sports betting when there are so many variables that can go against your hunch.

A biorhythm calculator won’t be able to create any certainties for you, but as a pseudo-scientific theory it can help to give you some understanding or why an event may or may not happen.

The theory suggests that the time and place where you were born will have a significant effect on how events pan out at later points in your life. By using the calculator, it can help to predict when different things may take place, such as the possibility of landing a winning bet.

You’ll find these biorhythm calculators at different places across the web, mostly for free. Of course, there are no guarantees with this kind of thing, but if you are somebody who believes in the theory, then it won’t do any harm to have a look.

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