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Apps that help you manage your money effectively

For most people, financial management is an important part of keeping their household running efficiently, but it can also be one of the most daunting tasks to keep on top of. From allocating income to ensure that bills are paid, to putting away money to cover unexpected expenses, there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to dealing with your finances. 

Until recently, this could be a complex process, and people would keep paper ledgers and refer to bank statements and chequebook stubs to keep track of their spending. However, the digital revolution has provided a range of tools that make it easier than ever to monitor your outgoings from your phone or PC.

There are a number of apps designed to help you to keep track of your money and budget effectively. Some banks offer options within their online banking services to help you allocate your money to various savings pots, but if you want to keep track of spending across a few different accounts, a stand-alone app can be more helpful.

Popular apps for managing your money

There are a few different apps that allow you to see the details of as many bank accounts as you have to help you understand exactly where all your money is going. Depending on how complex your finances are, you may need an app that has increased functionality, or you might want something simpler to give you everything you need without a lot of overwhelming options that you don’t need.

Money Dashboard

As the name suggests, this app gives you an easy way to see all your current accounts, credit cards, savings and even crypto currency wallets in a single place. You can use this app to help you stay within your spending limits as it allows you to forecast future outgoings and deduct them from your current balance.

This means that you are never hit with an unexpected withdrawal and you can ensure that you are only spending what you have once your bills are taken care of. This is ideal for anyone who finds themselves regularly losing track of what is going into and coming out of their account.


As well as being able to see all your accounts in a single place and keeping track of your income and outgoings, Monese gives you instant banking alerts that will send you details of every transaction and allow you to move money between your accounts. This app also allows you to manage accounts in multiple currencies, handle international money transfers and organise your travel money, making it the app of choice for those managing international finances. 

Gordon Moody Gambling Therapy

For anyone who wants to be more specific about monitoring their spending on their hobbies, there are specific apps to help you set limits so you can maximise your fun without worrying that you are going over budget. The Gordon Moody Gambling Therapy App has been designed specifically with gamers in mind, allowing them to manage their gambling and providing tools to ensure that their spending stays within the limits they have set for themselves.

The app offers plenty of options for help and support including a live chat function, forums and plenty of ideas of how to keep on top of your spending when gaming online. One of the most practical features of this app is that it is designed to be accessible to international players, from Swedish gamers enjoying the fun of the nätcasino to someone playing in a casino in Macau. 


Many people find it easier to keep track of their money if they can allocate it to different categories, and Snoop allows you to do this so you can see what you are spending and where. It also includes a range of money-saving features such as seeking out special offers for the things you buy regularly, and it has features that can help you reduce the cost of your bills such as insurance, energy, mortgage, and mobile phone.

Whether you are on a strict budget, or just want to know where all your income is going, having a handle on your household finances is an important part of achieving your goals. It is important to be realistic about how to allocate your money, including setting aside some money for hobbies and entertainment.

Making sure that you have dedicated some money to fun is an important way of staying on track and taking care of your mental health. You are much more likely to overspend if you feel as though all your money goes on bills and essentials, so try to be realistic about what  you need to enjoy yourself.  

Whether you want to avoid being charged for missing your credit card payments, or you’re trying to save up for something special, allocating your money to ensure you have enough for everything you want to do needn’t be an insurmountable chore. 

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