Play robo defense and get rid of boredom on your android phone

Play Robo Defense and Get Rid of Boredom on Your Android Phone

Tower defense games can be engrossing to the extent that the players may spend hours playing them. Robo Defense for Android belongs to the same genre and boasts of an extremely invigorating game play for whenever you feel bored. Available in both free and paid versions, Robo Defense involves the building up of turrets to…

How to manage your android ram efficiently?

How to Manage Your Android RAM Efficiently?

The Android OS designed has a ton of capabilities. Among many of its abilities is in-built memory management mechanism that works efficiently to maintain optimal usage of mobile phones. It keeps track of all the applications running simultaneously and automatically closes the applications whenever the system faces memory shortage. However, it may not be enough…

Stay on top of twitter with help from falcon pro for android

Stay on Top of Twitter with Help from Falcon Pro for Android

Twitter just got a lot more fun and useful with Falcon Pro! Google Play Store now has another good reason to welcome Twitter users. Falcon Pro, a capable Twitter client for Android phones is buzzing around in the app store. The application has garnered attention and positive reviews within the short period of its launch….

Perform fun and crazy tricks on your android phone through extreme skater

Perform Fun and Crazy Tricks on Your Android Phone through Extreme Skater

In case you never dared to maintain that tricky balance on a skateboard, it is the right time to challenge your hesitation with a fun-filled game. Extreme Skater designed for the Android phones can set the wheels rolling, taking you through the electrifying world of tricks and stunts. The goal is to complete each level…

Niantic lab’s ‘field trip’ and the future of ambient intelligence

Niantic Lab’s ‘Field Trip’ and the Future of Ambient Intelligence

Field Trip: New Pop-Up Location Based Guide for Android Niantic Labs’ new Field Trip app, now available for Android, is a pop-up location-based guide to interesting things all round you. This augmented reality guide would allow you to walk down an unfamiliar street, and to immediately access and know what others already know about that…

Wolfram alpha – a complete knowledge machine for android users

Wolfram Alpha – A Complete Knowledge Machine for Android Users

Knowledge from Android Everyday, questions seem to pop-up in our heads, and most of us immediately turn to Google for the answers. But, now thanks to Wolfram Alpha, finding the answers is even easier. Wolfram Alpha is an Android application so you should have a phone with Android enabled. Basics Wolfram Alpha, for me is…

Es file explorer: best file manager for your android phone

ES File Explorer: Best File Manager for your Android Phone

There is no default file manager that comes with an Android phone. Google probably felt that file managers are rarely used these days, but that’s certainly not my thinking. I am sure many of those reading this article would have loved to get a file manager for their Android phone and for them, ES File Explorer…

Snapchat captures success behind stanford students

Snapchat Captures Success Behind Stanford Students

Class Project Turned Overwhelmingly Popular Application You may or may not know about the market sweeping app Snapchat given its recent arrival but don’t mistake that for premature success. Currently sitting at the 8th most popular free iPhone app, the uniqueness of the backstory outweighs the rarity of its function. Snapchat is a new way…