Add a strong tool to your ethical hacking repertoire by building a progressive keylogger

Add a Strong Tool to Your Ethical Hacking Repertoire by Building a Progressive Keylogger

Do you want to improve your ethical hacking repertoire? Building a progressive Keylogger can be one of the best decisions that you can make. Do you know what a Keylogger is? Moreover, are you aware as to how it can boost your ethical hacking repertoire? In this blog, you are going to know about how…

This Social Media Platform Wants You to Live in the Real World

The founders of Octi know that we spend too much time cooped up indoors. It’s certainly true. We spend a good portion of our lives at work, usually in office environments, and working on the bicycle for the mind, the computer. Soon, with Neuralink, technology may be even integrated into the mind. What a time….

Google keep review: is it superior to all the other note-taking apps?

Google Keep Review: Is It Superior to All the Other Note-Taking Apps?

When Google released its new Notes App, Google Keep, we all presumed it would be just another note-taking app. When I started using Keep, I couldn’t distinguish it from the usual Sticky Notes we use on our PCs. However, it was only after a few days of exploring it completely, that I was able to…

Wrike revolutionizes team collaboration with their intuitive and easy-to-use project management tools

Wrike Revolutionizes Team Collaboration with Their Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Project Management Tools

Wrike is a well-known American online project management software that helps many companies improve their teamwork and collaboration. Wrike improves communication across virtual teams g, and saves time by notifying employees of project changes and status updates. As consequence, it offers a rapidly increasing overall performance by helping your team reach goals and meet deadlines….

Sponsored post: crunchfish and gocam: the next step in selfies

Sponsored Post: Crunchfish and GoCam: The Next Step in Selfies

Warning: the following video is filled with enough ‘f’ bombs to suffocate a small whale. Watch at your own caution. Taking Selfies Just Got Easier With CrunchFish! Are your ears bleeding yet? Hope you didn’t have any headphones in. Though it doesn’t matter, this is an article, you don’t need your ears to read. So…

Ladbrokes poker app – review

Ladbrokes Poker App – Review

Ladbrokes Poker has sought to improve the experience of its customers by developing an app that allows them to play its poker games on smartphones or tablets. Nowadays, the rapid developments in mobile technology coupled with the rising popularity of online gambling make it crucial for games providers to offer strong platforms for mobile gambling…