Samsung galaxy s22 launches with an absurd 108mp camera

Samsung Galaxy S22 Launches with An Absurd 108MP Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event held in early February 2022 presented a stream of the company’s next-generation Galaxy devices. The Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra smartphones series attracted some love and excitement for showcasing quite an impressive tech. Galaxy S22 and S22+ Features Galaxy S22 and S22+ were the two base models of Samsung’s flagship…

Samsung’s galaxy tab s8 ultra is a crazy powerful android tablet

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is a Crazy Powerful Android Tablet

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event held in early February 2022 presented a stream of the company’s next-generation Galaxy devices. While the audience and customers focused most of their excitement on Galaxy S22, the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet series also attracted some love for being quite an impressive tech.  The device demonstrates Samsung’s understanding that a large…

Is android 13 named after a classic italian dessert?

Is Android 13 Named After a Classic Italian Dessert?

All Google versions prior to Android 10 had a unique codename attached to them, but things have changed. Although Google no longer uses these codenames when announcing new versions, it’s apparent that dessert codenames are still attached but hidden. In fact, some in-depth research has helped discover the latest Android 13’s codename, Tiramisu.  This time…

Android phones have a bug that stops them calling the police, google warns

Android Phones Have a Bug That Stops Them Calling the Police, Google Warns

Technology is associated with uncountable flaws, but your devices must be infallible when it comes to police and emergency issues. Unfortunately, a rare bug was detected in December 2021, preventing Pixel 3 users from making emergency calls. This development prompted a thorough investigation by Google, and now everything has been brought to light. Android Bug…

How does mining work on android smartphone?

How Does Mining Work on Android Smartphone?

In crypto mining, you use high-powered software and hardware to work out complex trading equations. What you get from these equations are tokens and coins that you can trade for traditional currencies.   The mining process is expensive and complex and requires a high-performance device that supports the programming involved. Although miners can’t trade popular…

5 ways of mobile use in india that you did not know

5 Ways of Mobile Use in India That You did not know

The smartphone boom in India is relatively recent compared to a big part of the world. Fortunately, a little more than two years ago the Indian government began to implement a plan to digitize the country, and bring more opportunities to people.  According to Statista reports, in 2017 there were only 394.82 million smartphone users….

Samsung’s galaxy j3 prime: the low budget android smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy J3 Prime: The Low Budget Android Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy J3 Prime is a solid choice of the lower priced smartphones which provides users with all the standard features and decent overall quality. If you are unwilling to make the budgetary sacrifices necessary to afford the best phone money can buy, then the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime may be one you are considering…

Samsung galaxy tab s – why it is the choice for gamers

Samsung Galaxy Tab S – Why It Is the Choice for Gamers

The entertainment options today are virtually endless. Our computers and mobile devices offer us so many opportunities. Most of the people born after the 1980s probably don’t even remember what was it like to be bored and to have nothing to do. All sorts of games and entertainment apps and websites have been developed in…