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A Quick Guide to Hiring Offshore Developers for Your Startup

Offshore software development entails getting dev projects done by a third-party vendor who can be based anywhere in the world. After the spread of the deadly virus, many companies and aspiring startups were forced to find new ways of staffing. It made more sense to embrace offshore developers as the whole world seemed to go remote as time went by. Aspiring startups were also made aware of the need to reel in more talent to give them an upper hand in the competitive market and propel their success. This article will give a comprehensive guide to hiring offshore developers for your startup.

Build a specific job description

You cannot hire an offshore developer if you are unaware of your skills to complete your project. It would be best to create and publish a robust set of specific parameters so that potential vendors can determine whether they fit the bill. Your job description will also help you weed out unqualified developers for the project.

Identify and communicate your business goals

Once you have a solid job description, the next step would be to identify the problem you need the offshore developer to solve. Figure out whether you need developers or would like other specialists on board, such as business analysts or quality assurance. Ensure you communicate your business goals clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.

Set your budget

One of the benefits of outsourcing software development is to save costs. That said, before you commit to working with any staff augmentation companies, you will still need to know what budget you are working with. If you are a startup, you might not boast the kind of resources that larger corporations enjoy. So, it would be a shame to hire an offshore software developer and later find out you don’t have the resources to retain them or complete the project! You can avoid this through a proper budget for the project.

Compare prices

It would be best to narrow your search to at least three offshore developers who seem to meet your qualifications. Reach out to them and determine how much they will charge you to complete your project. You can then compare prices and select the best developer that will not put a strain on your pocket.

Inspect their track record and reputation

You wouldn’t want to hire incompetent developers only to find out later they have a bad reputation for doing shoddy work. It wouldn’t hurt to be extra cautious and run a thorough background check to verify their authenticity. We also suggest you peruse through their reviews to feel what other clients are saying about them.

Obtain referrals from similar startups

It would help if you read about other startups similar to yours and find out how they went about outsourcing software development. Learning about other case studies will provide you with a different perspective or a better alternative to what you are already doing. You will also gain insight into the best type of offshore vendor for your startup.

Wrapping up

Some of the known benefits of hiring an offshore developer for your startup include improved flexibility and increased efficiency. An offshore team is also less costly to hire and train than an in-house team and will offer a wider set of specialized skills. You can only reap these benefits if you can take the time to hire the right developer.

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